What Pants to Wear if You Are Curvy? Discover the Dos & DON’Ts of Fashion for Plus Size Women!

by Kremy

As a curvy woman, buying pants was my least favorite part of shopping. I loved trying on t-shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, etc. But it was in the pants department that I drew the line. Once, when I had gained a lot of weight, I went shopping with my friend at the mall. I tried on two pairs of jeans before bursting into tears. Why doesn’t anything fit? Years passed and I started to take a closer look at plus size fashion and look for pants that fit, instead of trying to fit into pants that were too small or too tight. If you have the same problem, and you want to know what pants to wear if you are curvy, read our guide!

what pants to wear if you are curvy fashion for plus size women

DOs and DON’Ts: Tips and Tricks to Look Slimmer

Shopping when you are a plus size woman can seem difficult, especially when you see all the new fashion trends that are constantly emerging. Wanting to follow fashion while being a plus size woman is actually manageable, but you have to go into this adventure knowing that not everything will look great on you. You simply have to discover your body type and dress accordingly. But let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts!

what pants to wear if you are curvy



  • Choose pastel or black colors. However, don’t settle for a monochromatic outfit. Try mixing colors instead.
  • Take the sitting position test. When you decide to buy new pants, try sitting in them to see if you’re comfortable. If you find it hard to breathe, or if your stomach hurts, choose a larger size.
  • Choose practicality. Can you wear these pants or jeans with a lot of different tops and shoes? Can you adapt them to every occasion?


  • Don’t opt for skinny jeans! Not only are skinny jeans out of fashion, but they highlight imperfections in the most obvious way.
  • Do not wear low rise jeans. Yes, they were all the rage in early 2000, but trust me, none of us liked wearing them. They are not comfortable and highlight curves and belly in the worst possible way. And help you God to manage sitting down without showing your buttocks!
  • Do not choose patterned pants in bright colors. It would unbalance your outfit and draw attention to your legs.

what type of jeans for curvy women

What Pants to Wear if You Are Curvy?

What pants to wear if you are curvy? Recently, the Quiet Luxury trend has spread through the fashion world like wildfire. It’s actually about choosing basic clothes in pastel shades and following the rule: “less is more”. I highly recommend you check it out because this style suits all shapes and sizes. But let’s get down to business! Below, we’ll look at the best pants, jeans and shorts for curvy women in 2023, and how to choose them according to body shape!

Types of Jeans for Curvy Women

types of jeans for curvy women

Let’s face it: jeans aren’t a favorite of many women – whether skinny or plus size. Very often they feel too tight. But that’s because, generally speaking, you’re not getting the right size for your body and figure! For women with apple-shaped bodies, I always recommend high-waisted jeans. They are not only very comfortable, but they manage to hide your belly! To be honest, high waisted jeans are the perfect choice if you are curvy! However, depending on your body type, you can choose the right type of jeans. For example:

  • Split jeans: who are they for? Split hem jeans are perfect for women with wide waists and thighs. They bring balance and harmony to the whole outfit by diverting the attention from the thighs.
  • Mom jeans: A real classic throwback to the 80s Mom jeans are perfect for women with big tummies and slimmer legs.
  • Flare jeans: Like split hem jeans, flare jeans provide the necessary balance to a woman’s figure.

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What Type of Pants to Wear if You Have a Belly?

what type of pants to wear if you have a belly

What pants to wear if you are curvy? In general, pants are considered to be more elegant and stylish than jeans. The material from which they are made is more flexible and less rough than denim. That’s why pants can show off our curves more than tight jeans. To avoid an “oopsie”, I advise you to opt for flared or wider pants. For example:

  • Wide leg pants: This is the most elegant choice of all and it adapts perfectly to all body types! It’s a common misconception that wide-leg pants only look good on petite women. This is obviously wrong! Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they can be modified and wear them at the office, a coffee date, a walk in the park or a night out.
  • Parachute Pants: Extremely comfortable and outrageously fashionable, parachute pants are one of the fashion stars of 2023! They’re extremely comfortable and trendy. They are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Pair them with a tank top for a bolder look or a basic tee.
  • Harem pants: If you’re a fan of boho chic style, harem pants will not only make your morning meditations even more calm and comfortable, but will also enhance your divine femininity! Harlem pants can be a bit tricky to style and are not appropriate for formal occasions, but they are beautiful and comfortable to wear!

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What Are the Best Shorts for Curvy Women?

what are the best shorts for curvy women

With summer fast approaching, more and more of us want to get rid of all the layers and let our skin breathe! However, for curvy women, and I speak from experience, it is quite difficult to wear shorts… But while watching the Curvy Brides show on TLC, one of the saleswomen told a bride that she should not hide her body. By adding more layers, you visually add more pounds! So what are you afraid of? Show off your beautiful, unique curves and be comfortable and confident this summer!

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