The Best Skirts to Wear at Age 50: Avoid Denim, Pleated, and These Colors

by Gabby

When we reach a certain age, it is completely normal that we start asking questions like “Should I wear this?”, “Is it appropriate for my age?”… Especially for women over 50, these doubts start coming around and the questions are inevitable. However, today I am here to let you know that you should wear whatever you like no matter the age! You want to wear skirts for this Spring? Of course, you can! What skirt to wear at age of 50? What skirts to avoid? Let me tell you!

What Skirt to Wear at Age of 50 and Which One to ABSOLUTELY Avoid?

what skirt to wear at age of 50 length style fashion trends spring summer 2023

Before diving into the fashion world for women over 50, I want to mention some of the essentials that you need to know when it comes to wearing skirts. You have to know the right length when it comes to your body morphology and what looks great on you. Some women have bellies, while others have larger thighs. Skirts can either hide your imperfections or emphasize on them. Let me give you an idea on what is the most appropriate length for skirts for women over 50.

Appropriate Skirt Length Over 50

The ideal skirt length for women over 50 is just above the knee. The most important thing here is that you should feel comfortable while wearing it. If you prefer longer skirts, the length that you should opt for is right below the knee. The length really plays a major role in hiding some of the body parts that we don’t want to show off.

How to Wear Denim Skirt Over 50?

how to wear denim skirt over 50 fashion trends


If there is a skirt that can be considered timeless, then it should be a denim one for sure! It is very easy to style it and it looks good on everyone. The denim will always be in style and you can do a monochrome look with a denim jacket, or wear it with your favorite blazer. But what about the length? I would say you should opt for something above or right below the knee for a fashionable look in the Spring! There is a large selection of models that you can try out, since a lot of the brands are coming up with trendy skirts for the season. For the denim color, aim for something lighter for the warm seasons.

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What to Wear at Age 50? Try a Parachute or Pencil Skirt!

how to wear skirts for women over 50 pencil parachute fashion trends for the spring summer season

What is the best business attire for women over 50? The pencil skirt will always be a staple for the businesswoman that want to radiate self-confidence and to look elegant. However, in 2023 the parachute skirts have also made an appearance on the catwalks for a more business casual look. The length is the same but the silhouette is more asymmetrical and loose. It depends on what you prefer, both of these skirts can make you look chic!

Pleated Skirts for Women Over 50

pleated skirts for women over 50

What skirt to wear over 50? Nothing can beat a pleated skirt in a trendy color. When it comes to the length, if you want something longer, I would advise you to opt for something that will show off your feet. The maxi pleated skirts, that are covering your feet entirely, can sometimes look unflattering sometimes. Pair the skirt with a belt, so you can create this snatched silhouette and the illusion of a tiny waist. Now find out how to wear a pleated skirt over 50 with these 25+ fashion inspirations!

What Skirts to ABSOLUTELY Avoid Wearing for Women Over 50?

what skirts to avoid wearing for women over 50

What skirts to avoid over 50? Can a 50 year old woman wear a mini skirt? Well, you can if this is what you absolutely love. However, let’s face it not everyone have the same legs as Grece Graham at the age of 50. So, I wouldn’t recommend walking around in something that you feel uncomfortable with. These are the models to avoid:

  • Mini skirt – It can make you feel uncomfortable and it will show off many of your imperfections.
  • Tulle skirt – It doesn’t look good on everyone. It can make you look childish.
  • Maxi skirt – Maxi skirts that are covering your feet entirely can shorten your legs and make you look voluminous.

skirts that you should avoid for women over 50

What Colors to Wear After 50?

Colors that you should absolutely avoid are the colors that age you. These are the dark shades like black, khaki, dark green, etc. Instead, opt for lighter shades. The same goes for skirts. Wear them in bright colors that will not make you look tired, but instead will rejuvenate you.

colors that age you after 50 how to wear skirts


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