Which Bangs for 60 Year Old Women to Choose and Which to Avoid for a Rejuvenating Effect?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

What hairstyle will rejuvenate a 60-year-old woman? Which bangs for 60 year old women to choose and which to avoid? Straight, ultra short, side-swept or curtain fringe, here are the cuts that will flatter the shape of your face the most!

Which Bangs for 60 Year Old Women to Choose?

pixie cut for white hair with micro bangs

Having bangs at 60 is a very smart and very trendy way to hide wrinkles on the forehead or those around the eye area. It’s also a great solution for those with fine hair who want to add volume. You don’t need expensive products, just find the right haircut. Having analyzed which hair length is best – short, medium-length or long – at the age of 60, it’s time to share with you what is the perfect type of bangs to achieve a rejuvenating effect.

Curtain Bangs for 60 Year Old Women

This is the trendiest type of bangs right now and is sure to conceal a few years from your face. It is very easy to style with a hair roller. For example, I put it before going to bed and the result in the morning is fabulous without using fixing products. One of the best benefits for women over 60 is that curtain bangs can easily hide crow’s feet. Bye bye botox!

Micro Bangs

This look is certainly very brave and we advise you to adopt it to adopt it only if you have short pixie or tomboy haircut. In general, micro bangs are suitable for women with a heart-shaped face.

Side Bangs

This is the most popular bangs among women over 60. It is really versatile. It has a slimming effect, but can also soften facial features. Combine it with a layered haircut and make sure it’s slightly tapered for best results. Otherwise, the rejuvenating haircut may have the opposite effect.

Straight Bangs for 60 Year Old Women

Straight bangs that reach the eyebrows, are perfect for hiding deep forehead wrinkles. We all hate them, it’s true! So, if you are afraid of needles, it is better to opt for a hairstyle that can hide imperfections while giving you a trendy and refreshed look. Combine it with a layered bob haircut and accessorize it with a classic beret. It’s all you need to welcome fall in style.

How to Style Your Bangs?

how to style your bangs after 60

If you are a follower of the pixie cut, the best way to wear your bangs is as in the photo above. Use hairspray to set it up and give it a slightly messy look. It will make you look taller, slimmer and with much fuller hair than usual.

If you have medium or long hair, lightly curl the bangs with the larger end of your curling iron or use a hair roller. This will give you a delicate and sophisticated volume of “Old money” style.

Do you have straight bangs or mini bangs? You’re lucky! No need to spend time styling it.

Which Bangs to Avoid After 60?

which bangs to avoid after 60

When we talk about curling your bangs, we don’t mean you have to look like Married with Kids actress Peggy Bundy. Forget fixing products and opt for a more natural look.

Short bangs can also be a problem if you have a round face or if you have an elongated face and opt for curtain bangs, which will make it look even longer.

It should also be taken into account that some bangs need to be trimmed more often than others, such as straight bangs. If you don’t have time or want to save money, opt for side bangs or curtain bangs.

Bangs for 60 Year Old Women: Ideas in Photos

short haircut with side bangs for 60 year old women with white mane

Long V-cut with straight bangs for women over 60 with thick hair

long haircut with bangs for 60 year old women

60 year old woman with delicately wavy curtain bangs

salt and pepper hair for 60 year old women

Short haircut with bangs for women over 60

short haircut for 60 year old women with bangs

Side bangs for 60 year old women with long hair

long haircut for blonde women 60 years old

Straight tapered bangs for 60 year old woman with blonde hair

medium length cut with straight bangs for 60 year old women


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