15 DIY Christmas paper ornaments ideas for your holiday decoration

by Kremy

tiny bags chritsmas paper ornaments

Paper is such a great material for making Christmas ornaments! Christmas paper ornaments will not cost a fortune but crafting them will give you the chance to create something really cool, interesting and innovative.

Christmas paper ornaments materials

christmas paper ornaments ribbons


Christmas paper ornaments are fun to do, they are not time consuming and most important – they are safe. This matters especially with kids in the house. All children would love the idea of making those and it will be wonderful if you let the children decorated a tree of their own in the kids room with the ornaments they personally crafted. There is almost nothing that cannot be done by paper. Get some old magazines, glue, a bunch of ribbons, a handful of buttons, some silver or golden spray and the scissors.

Christmas paper ornaments ideas for you

easy to craft red christmas tree paper ornament

Anything that symbolizes the season and the holidays can be made of paper. Snowmen, Snowflakes, lanterns, meters of colourful garlands, holiday-themed pinwheel shapes will be the perfect standout ornaments for your tree. Use scrapbook papers to make ornaments and hang them on the gifts or the tree. Cut out a garland of little Christmas trees and drape the mirror in the entryway. Gift wrap empty match boxes and decorate the dining table settings, or make little piles of gifts on side tables. You can even fill a tray with these miniature gifts. You can even use last year’s postcards to create Christmas paper ornaments – cut the figures of Santa, make tiny collages, glue them on a long ribbon and you will have a unique garland.

Quilled Snowflake

  Very cute little paper medallions

cute medallion


 An easy to make Christmas tree paper ornament

easy to make christmas tree paper ornament

 Make tiny Christmas tree ornaments

easy to make paper christmas tree ornament

 A ball ornament crafted from music sheets

easy to make crafts music sheet

elegant christmas paper ornament six sided

 A red pinwheel

holiday themed Paper ornament Pinwheel

A rosette made of heavy scrapbook 

paper ornament made of heavy scrapbook

A paper pincone

Paper Pincone Christmas Ornament

A star shaped snowflake

paper snowflake star shaped ornament

Use old postcards

postcard christmas paper ornament

bright snowflake christmas paper ornament

 red bird christmas paper ornament


small colourful rings




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