20 Modern teen boy room ideas – useful tips for furniture and colors

by Kremy

teen boy room ideas black white stripped wallpaper cool wall decoration

Children’s rooms are filled with toys but when kids grow up, however, they begin to live in another, much more complex and exciting world – the world of teenagers. If you have one at home, you definitely know that the room should change and be redone to reflect the new lifestyle of the young man. Be inspired by these fantastic modern teen boy room ideas and read the useful tips for the interior and the furniture in a teen bedroom.

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A teenager wants to be independent and when it comes to designing their room parents are not always able to understand what their child wants. The design of the bedroom for a teenage girl is more or less easier, but the taste of the young man is quite difficult to predict. That is why we show you these fascinating teen boy room ideas which will help you in the design of the bedroom. The choice of color and style is very important. The usual perception that a bedroom design for a boy must be in blue, brown or black, is a stereotype. Of course, the color would depend on the age of your teen boy, as a 13 year old and a 17 year old would have completely different tastes. Maybe it is time to look for bedroom ideas for teenage guys. What you should not forget is that your son is growing and you should treat him like a young man. As an alternative to chocolate brown, navy blue and pale pastel shades, you may opt for trendy gray shades with black or white accents, green shades, muted yellow accents, beige or mustard.

modern boy bedroom furniture wall shelf desk lighting ideas

Furnishing the bedroom of a teen boy aged 15-17 years is more like furnishing an adult’s room, but still it is worth considering some of the details and the teenage boy room ideas below will be of help for you. In teen boy bedroom design ideas functionality should be the main principle when you choose furniture. If you disagree with your son’s taste, at least listen to what he thinks and take it as a guideline. If you have a small room for a teenage boy, then limit the number of furniture pieces so that the room looks spacious. Choose the most important furniture – every young man needs a comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a desk and of course, storage space. All kinds of shelves, cabinets, chests would be useful for storing books, CDs, sports equipment, music instruments and a million of other items that you haven’t even thought about.

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It is important to remember that the bedroom is the place to rest and sleep. A comfortable sleep is essential for young people so you need to take care of the bed. It’s best to choose a bed with a comfortable mattress. When choosing a bed is also important to take into account its length, because the boys at this age grow very quickly.

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