2022 Baby Shower Theme Sunshine Ideas for Moms-To-Be

by Kremy

Expecting a baby is already a holiday! What could be a better way to welcome the little person and support the expecting mother with a baby shower? Are you expecting a baby? Have you selected a theme for your party? Here are our 2022 baby shower theme Sunshine ideas which can be of help if you do not want to reveal whether your baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

2022 Baby Shower Theme Sunshine Ideas – The Perfect Gender-Neutral Party

2022 Baby Shower Theme Sunshine Ideas for Moms To Be

2022 Baby shower theme Sunshine is among the most popular themes as it is versatile. It is gender neutral and perfect for themed boy baby shower. It is also perfect for girl baby shower theme and the moms-to-be can choose a neutral palette or blue/pink additional color if they want to reveal the sex of the baby.

Baby shower theme Sunshine represents happiness, hope, the feeling of joy from the expecting of the little one. This is the perfect baby shower theme for spring and summer as you can organize the party outdoors and enjoy the good weather with your friends.

How to Organize Your Sunshine Themed Baby Shower?

Gender Neutral baby shower Party theme


Traditionally, the baby shower is organized by the closest girlfriends of the pregnant woman as a surprise. However, it is now common that future moms take part in the organization of the event. This allows them to plan their time in advance, choose an outfit, do their hair and makeup.

Once you choose the date for your sunshine-themed baby shower, it is time to plan the details. Determine a budget and plan the details, decor, invitations, menu, drinks, activities, party favors, etc. – all these little things that make the day really special. A good plan and organization means that there will be no stress on the day of the event. Think of the number of guests, usually these are more intimate parties with only the closest relatives and girlfriends of the future mom. Having in mind that baby showers are organized in the third trimester, usually in the seventh or the eighth month of pregnancy, a crowded party may be tiring for a pregnant woman. A smaller event like a tea party, is a good idea.

Sunshine Themed Baby Shower party

Guests come to a baby shower with a gift. It is best if the expectant mother writes a list of necessary things in advance, and the friends agree among themselves who will buy what. If you prefer to make a list, include items for baby hygiene – creams, powders, baby oil or items for bathing – baby soap, shampoo, a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water, a towel, etc.

Sunshine Theme Party Decorating Ideas

2022 Baby Shower Theme Sunshine Ideas

2022 Baby shower theme Sunshine ideas feature a variety of color options for the decoration – from sunny yellow, of course, to gold complemented by neutral gray or pastel shades – mint, blue, pink, green, peach, floral patterns, etc.

You can decorate the room with a “You are my Sunshine” banner and balloons, paper pom-poms, etc. Sunflowers are known to follow the sun throughout the day and are also a fabulous decor. They can be magnificent table decorations, as a part of a flower arrangement or a centerpiece.

Ribbons and fabrics add beauty and charm, so do not be afraid to experiment – add burlap for a rustic touch, lace for a vintage flavor or satin as an elegant and sophisticated detail.

Menu Ideas

menu ideas sweets


When it comes to parties like baby showers, food is rarely a priority for the guests. Think about finger food, appetizers, something that is delicious and everyone will like. Sandwiches, sweet and savory pastries, fresh vegetables and fruits, light desserts – these are just some of the options that you can include in the menu. You can have themed cookies or Sunshine theme decorated cupcakes. The market offers super cute baby shower theme Sunshine sets that include cake toppers, napkins, name cards for the guests, etc. Fruit punch drinks, water, homemade lemonade, iced teas – these drinks are perfect for baby showers.

2022 Baby shower theme Sunshine – ideas for party favors

Sunshine party ideas for favors

For favors, prepare some beautifully wrapped mini soap shaped like sun, Sunshine themed cookies, etc. Goodie bags are also a great idea. Fill them with items to make sure everyone will remember this special event!

baby shower cookies party favors ideas



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