15 Glamorous 20s Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas + Tutorials

by Kristiyana

How was long hair styled in the 1920s? Which are the most suitable and gorgeous 20s hairstyles for long hair?

If you’ve just been invited to a Gatsby-themed Christmas party or wedding, you will need the proper vintage dress or say costume, shoes, accessories, makeup, and of course, hairstyle! For anyone wondering how to style their long hair into a glamorous 20s hairstyle, this article is just for you!

Glamorous 20s Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas

glamorous 20s hairstyles for long hair straight wavy curly

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with anything 1920s related. The fashion, the music, the cars and culture, it just seemed so magical to me. Of course, that era did have its problems, but here and now we are focusing on its memorable glamour and sparkle. I myself have attended a Gatsby-themed party, and it was out of this world! Guys in polished and stylish suits, girls wearing headbands with feathers in sparkly dresses. I had my long hair styled in subtle waves and embellished it with pearly hair accessories. But there are so many more ideas to go with! Want to see for yourselves?

1920s Updo Hairstyle with Embellished Headband

1920s hairstyles for long hair with headband

Go back in time to the glamorous 1920s era with a stunning updo hairstyle for long hair, adorned with a beautiful headband with jewels and feathers! This retro hairstyle consists of intricate finger waves set up in a low bun. It would look better on girls with long hair, as they would have more material to work with and hence a fuller bun.

beautiful curly updo 20s style gatsby

Here you can see how the gorgeous 20s hairstyle looks from the back.

For a similar look, watch Ruche’s video tutorial on how to create a vintage updo:

20s Hairstyles for Long Hair with Loose Curls

pretty waves with headband 1920s hairstyles

If you are looking for a simpler look and want to wear your long hair down, opt for this curly hairstyle with a jeweled headband. You can achieve the waves by using a triple iron. Yet, if you prefer not to use heated hairstyling devices, simple braid your hair overnight. Better to do it with slightly damp hair.

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Fluffy Retro Hairstyle with Statement Headpin

20s curls for long hair

For a very classy and sexy look, go with this fluffy curly retro hairstyle! A curling iron will be required once again, and you can add an extra dose of vintage chic to the hairstyle by accessorizing with a statement hairpin with a flower or a dazzling headband. Watch this video tutorial by Dollhouse ‘Do to create a similar look at home.

Vintage Finger Waves Hairstyle for Long Hair

20s hairstyles for long hair

As you might have noticed from this article, finger waves were pretty popular during the roaring 20s. All the trendy flapper girls wore them to the big events of the time. This retro hairstyle is not easy to achieve, but it will be a lot easier with Olga Kurzova‘s short video tutorial:

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More Glamorous 20s Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas

wild curls with headband 20s style

Gorgeous 20s hairstyles for long straight hair

20s hairstyles for long straight hair

Beautiful curled bun updo 1920s hairstyles with headband

1920s hairstyles for long hair with headband

   Classic finger waves hairstyle with jeweled hair accessory

20s hairstyle for long hair with jewel hair accessory

Pretty 20s updo hairstyle with front braid

20s updo with front braid for long hair

Easy & simple retro waves for long hair 

simple 20s hairstyles for long hair

A great 20s hairstyle idea for a Gatsby-themed wedding

20s updo hairstyle for wedding

Vintage voluminous updo hairstyle with long hair

retro 20s voluminous hairstyle for long hair

Make your hair look short with this 20s updo 

20s updo hairstyle with feather accessory

Glamorous long retro waves for a themed party

20s updo hairstyle for wedding

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