30 Creative ideas how to make a dog bed by yourself

by Kremy


DIY muphy bed creative pet bed ideas

We shall show you 30 DIY ideas for dog beds – you can transform your old furniture in cozy beds for your best friend!


DIY dog bed ideas living room side table shelf


Transform your furniture by simple structural changes as these DIY dog bed ideas will show you. A side table with a lower shelf in the living room just needs a pillow to be transformed into a cozy bed. If your pet would like to sleep with you in bed, you can arrange a bed under the nightstand – in this way it will always be close to you. Transforming a suitcase into a comfortable bed is a cute and interesting ideas for small dogs. The advantages of suitcase are that it can be quickly and easily moved and can offer storage space for the pet’s toys. If you have old inflatable kids’ stool, you can use it to organize a cozy place for the dog.


Cute pet bed puppy nest soft slippers

If you do not want to damage your new furniture, you can use the old furniture pieces and upcycle them. A picnic basket or drawers from an old cabinet with comfortable padding quickly turn into a dog bed, for example. Creative pet owners can remove the doors of the shoe closet in the hallway and create more than enough space for a big dog. Necessity is the mother of invention – according to this motto a dog owner completely transformed an entire wall shelf in the office so that his pet does not have to sit at home alone, and accompanies him at work. A window seat can not only save space in the living room – the area under the window sill can be used as a comfortable pet bed. Before you decide on a specific corner or piece of furniture, consider whether this idea fits with the character of your pet – some dogs like to sit in the middle of the room, while others like to hide and need more secluded bed.


suitcase pet bed upcycling ideas DIY ideas

pet bed ideas DIY upcycling ideas old suitcase

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modern pet bed diy wooden crate pet mattress

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DIY pet bed upcycling ideas old suitcase

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