30 fascinating grape arbor ideas – the perfect patio decor

by Kremy

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It is so nice to spend time in the garden, to enjoy time outdoors, to relax and take pride of the magnificent garden that you created. Of course, for the summertime, you need to think of a sunshade and there is nothing more efficient, useful and appealing than a natural shade provided by vine plants. Having a grape arbor will give you not only sun protection, but when the time comes you will be able to enjoy the fruit of your vines.

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To have a grape arbor does not require any special knowledge and expertise in gardening. What you need to keep in mind is that grapevines are heavy and need a strong support. Also, grapevines grow really fast, so they need to have enough space to spread.

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As these plants are permanent, you have to choose the right spot for your construction so that the vines will not disturb or be disturbed by other plants. Before choosing the type you need to make sure it will be on the right spot so that the grapevines receive the necessary amount of sunlight.

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Pergolas are the most popular feature for the backyard. They are an excellent choice if you wanted to grow climbing plants like Clematis, Tuberose, Honeysuckle and of course grapevines. Traditional pergolas are constructed with an arch and posts. Wood is the most popular material and with a good reason as wooden pergolas are strong enough to support the foliage of the grapevines and the harvest.


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Of course, when choosing your arbor, you can opt for a metal pergola or a combination of stone pillars and grape trellis. The shape and size of the arbor – fan-shaped, round, square, rectangular, with or without trellis- will depend on the available space and your personal preferences.

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The place of the arbor is essential. A sunny spot with good air flow is the best place. Of course, it should not be in conflict with the overall design of the patio and you can use it as a part of the privacy ideas for patio. Grape vines need sufficient water supply and it will be a good idea to place theconstruction near a water feature. You can construct an arbor by yourself as these structures are not very complex. It is a project that can be finished in a three or four days’ time, plant the vines and you will have a magnificent shade for the next summer.


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