A frame cabin design – modern tiny house ideas

Written by Kremena Ruseva

A frame cabin design ideas timber a frame cabin

A frame cabin design features a distinctive profile, a gable roof, reaching right up to the foundation and the silhouette of the house resembles the letter “A”. Basically, A-frame houses have a triangular shape and they are not a novelty in architecture but the popularity of A-frame houses came after World War II, around the mid-1950s. Building an A-frame cabin is relatively easy but they have a special and really charming atmosphere reminding of holiday and leisure. We will show you beautiful A-frame cabin design ideas in traditional and contemporary style featuring lovely and cozy interiors and a fantastic atmosphere.

A frame cabin design – quick, original and budget friendly house ideas

A-frame cabin design ideas modern house architecture glass wall

A frame cabin design offer creative architectural solutions, low cost of construction, aesthetic appeal and durability of structural elements. An A-frame cabin can be small or big, but despite the size it has an extraordinary charm and visual appeal. Whether traditional or contemporary, A-frame cabins provide opportunities for creative designs – modern and unusual, beautiful and comfortable. A-frame cabin design offers a number of advantages which are of significant importance to many people who consider the idea of a tiny home. On the first place they are cost effective with minimal finishing costs. The time for construction is relatively short which means less labor costs. The A-frame construction is durable and strong and withstands to great loads like wind and snow. An A-frame cabin is an excellent solution for a guest house and can be constructed even on a tiny plot.

A frame house plans design ideas wooden deck

A-frame cabin plans often resemble each other and have typical features – window openings are located on the front, the cabin has one main entrance (second one is optional) and the interior design most usually features a loft where the sleeping area is accommodated. Although A-frame cabin design ideas look charming and easy, the construction process requires to follow some rules. There is a lot of information how to build an A-frame cabin and many companies offer A-frame kits and you can opt for steel frame home kits. You need to check the local regulations and get the necessary building or any other permissions.

A frame cabin design ideas – cozy and comfortable interior ideas

A frame cabin interior design ideas furniture storage space

When we talk about A frame cabin design, we should look at the interior design ideas as well. Many people find it a true challenge to furnish a small A-frame cabin and we will show you some practical and functional ideas for modern, cozy and friendly interiors. It is best if you chose neutral colors and natural materials for the interior as they add to the warmth of the overall atmosphere. Typically the low level is designed as a main living space and open plan concepts work best. Depending on the size of the cabin you can organize different functional zones – kitchen, dining area with the necessary appliances and equipment for food preparation, as well as an area providing seating space with functional and modern furniture. A ladder can be located centrally or at one side to provide access to the loft area and the bedroom.

tiny house ideas modern A frame cabin design glass wall

contemporary A-frame house design ideas glass wall modern house

A-frame cabin design ideas front balcony

A-frame design ideas geometric house architecture small deck

modern A-frame design ideas glass facade

A-frame ideas balcony deck forest

A-frame ideas balcony garden

A-frame ideas small forest

small A-frame ideas bedroom furniture twin beds

A-frame ideas interior a frame furniture

A frame  interiorbedroom

A frame interior bedroom furniture

a frame  cool timber a frame house

A frame  interior bedroom

A frame bedroom bedroom furniture

A frame  a frame interior furniture



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