Anti-Cellulite Massage: How to Get Rid Of The Orange Skin at Home?

by Gabby

You started to work out, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, but… the orange-peel skin is still showing! The cellulite is something that a lot of women are struggling with. Unfortunately, working out and dieting will not prevent it from showing. You have to do some extra work! What are the best anti-cellulite massage? Do at home anti-cellulite massagers actually work?

Anti-Cellulite Massage: How to Get Rid Of The Orange Skin at Home?

does anti cellulite massage work at home

Ahh… the cellulite is our biggest nightmare! Almost 90% of women have cellulite, with some being much more visible than others. The biggest disappointment is when we get into working out every day, eat only healthy foods, look in the mirror and there it is – orange skin still showing. What exactly is cellulite?

In modern cosmetology the term cellulite refers to a skin condition in which the skin gets bumpy due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and circulatory problems. It is good to note that skinny people can also have orange skin, and the cellulite is not because of the extra fat we gain. Unlike cosmetology, in medicine cellulitis is a different condition associated with a potentially serious infection. If that’s the case, then we definitely recommend seeing a doctor and running tests. However, if the issue is a cosmetic one, then we can help you with that! If working out and eating healthy is not enough what can we do? Here come the anti-cellulite massages!

Do Anti-Cellulite Massages Work?

As previously mentioned, cellulite occurs when fat cells accumulate in the skin, making it dificult for the blood to circulate normally. This is exactly why need to try removing it with massage movements to help the blood circulate properly. It’s good to know that an anti-cellulite massage will not take the extra weight off of you. Rather, it will help to dissolve those fat deposits and eliminate orange skin.

What is the best self-massage for cellulite?

Anti-cellulite massage is beneficial not only because it will improve the external condition of your skin, but also because it is very relaxing for the muscles. To see improvement and results, however, you must not be afraid to apply force. It is very important to note that you should also do it with the right movements and always use some kind of oil, body butter or cream. Your hands can glide more easily and you don’t cause yourself bruising from the massage. If you have a massager you can use that too. The cellulite mainly shows on your tummy, thighs and buttocks. So, let’s see how to do this massage at home for every body area.

  • Tummy Area: Before starting you should keep in mind that this area is the trickiest and you have to be really careful. Apply oil or body butter and close your fists. With gentle circular movements start massaging the area from left to right. Do it for at least 5 minutes. Then grab your skin and move it downward to the groin with light gentle movements. Repeat this for at least a minute.
  • Anti-cellulite Massage for Thighs: Sit on a chair and place your legs in a 90 degree position. Apply your body butter or oil and start from the knee going upward. For the thighs area, the movements should always go upward. Close your fists again and start massaging them from the knee going up to the groin. Then do the same movements but with your palms this time. Do the massage for at least 5 minutes per thigh.

anti cellulite massage at home 2023 methods to remove

  • Anti-cellulite Buttocks Massage: Apply oil and start massaging your buttocks with your hand in circular counter-clockwise movements. You should always start from the bottom going upwards. For this massage you can also do some pinching and pulling the skin upwards with both of your hands.

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Do at Home Cellulite Massagers Work?

To begin with, there is no scientific proof whether at home cellulite massagers work. Will they improve the appearance of your skin – yes, will they remove cellulite completely – this cannot be guaranteed. Results are strictly individual and unfortunately for some of us cellulite is quite stubborn.

Does Vibration Break Up Cellulite?

As you already know, the cellulite shows up because of the bad blood circulation. A lot of people believe that by applying vibration the cellulite will dissolve and they will get rid of the orange skin. Unfortunately, the vibration massagers will not help you get rid of the cellulite on its own. You will have to start drinking more water, create healthy habits and work out persistently. But, we have to say that vibration can improve the overall health of your skin and tighten it.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil: Natural Home Remedy

Do you want me to tell you a secret? The best oil against cellulite is the one from blueberries! That’s right, these berries we love so much can improve the condition of your skin and make it firm, smooth and soft. Blueberries have a lot of anti-oxidants that protect the skin from aging and make it tight. For optimal results, we suggest you mix blueberry oil with a natural coffee scrub. As you know coffee is also great against cellulite, since it will stimulate detoxification and it will tighten the skin as well.

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