How to arrange an awesome butlers pantry in a few simple steps?

by Kremy

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Just the name – butlers pantry – brings back pictures of the times when families used to have domestic help and makes us feel the refinement and luxury of the aristocratic lifestyle. Actually, the role of the cupboard was not just for storing the formal dinnerware but the place to prepare the food for serving. Nowadays butlers may be not as common and we may call the butler’s pantry a kitchen pantry, but the return of this area in the home is undeniable.


Where to arrange a butlers pantry?

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If you already have a pantry in your home you are lucky. However, those who want to arrange one will find some useful tips and ideas here which will help to transform an unused nook into a chic and functional pantry area. The place of the pantry is typically between the kitchen and the dining room but modern dwellings seldom have a separate area in the passage. Well, you can arrange the passage itself to perform as a butler’s pantry. In case that this is not possible, it can be arranged in the dining room and even in the kitchen.


How to arrange a storeroom in a few simple steps?


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What is important for a functional pantry is the ability to move. Make sure that there is enough room for a person to move and maneuver. You have to decide what you will store in the storeroom as this will help you with the design – whether this is going to be the formal dinnerware, glassware, trays, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

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The furniture and equipment of a storeroom have to ease the process of preparing and serving food, so you would need to consider a enough counter space, dishwasher, a sink, probably a refrigerator or a wine cooler and a recycling bin.

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Storage cabinets and shelves are a must in a storeroom. Decide on the overall design of the butler’s pantry so that it is in harmony with the style of your home. Check the gallery below for ideas that will help you arrange your own gorgeous kitchen storage room.

small walk in pantry design white cabinets storage shelves

small pantry ideas gray cabinets glass fronts white countertop

small pantry butlers dark wood cabinets wine cooler

pantry design ideas pantry furniture storage cabinets shelves

most beautiful butlers pantry designs blue cabinets glass fronts open shelves

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Butlers pantry ideas renovation white cabinets wood floor

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butlers pantry design ideas pantry organizers storage shelves

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butlers pantry design ideas black cabients white countertops

storeroom design dark wood cabinets granite countertop wine storage

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