Decomposed granite – garden decoration and landscaping ideas

Written by Kremena Ruseva

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In the beginning we will have to give an answer to the question – what is decomposed granite, also known as DG? Many people mistake gravel and decomposed granite but these are two completely different materials. Granite is hard, natural stone and the decomposing process is a result of the natural erosion and weathering of granite rocks.


Types of decomposed granite – size and colors

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There are different types of decomposed granite which can be divided in three large groups – natural, stabilized, and resin-coated. The natural DG is mostly used as mulch material around trees, flower beds as the weathering process continues and the granite adds to nutrients in the soil.

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Stabilized DG, as the name suggests, has a stabilizer mixed with the granite aggregates. It has a higher price tag as it is less susceptible to erosion which results in a longer life span. It is ideal for garden paths as its surface is stronger and does not become muddy.

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The resin coated DG is the most costly type. Resin is added as the appearance of the surface is more or less like the one of asphalt. It is quite durable and suitable for driveways or areas with high traffic.

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The color varieties of decomposed granite include various shades of gray, black, red, and green.


How to use decomposed granite in landscaping?


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When you want to use decomposed granite you need to know whether you will use it on a driveway, garden paths, flower bed edging stone or as a decoration and visual separation of different areas in your garden. Experts recommend the installation of a border area which will prevent your granite from spilling. You can use landscape timber, bricks, concrete curbs, pavers or any other type of edging which will give a finished look and will ease the maintenance. Make sure you compact the decomposed granite as this will ensure the strength of your walking surface or driveway surface and will prevent additional erosion.


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