Tankless toilet design – a modern choice for the bathroom furniture

by Kremy

tankless toilet design ideas modern bathroom furniture

How do you choose the sanitary equipment for your bathroom? The market offers a plethora of cool toilet design ideas, models, colors, sizes, shapes and every model looks more beautiful than the one you liked the day before. Modern bathroom furniture design has developed for the last years and manufacturers and designers work in cooperation to present to the customers multiple options so that every taste is satisfied. We will show you how tankless toilet design ideas are incorporated in modern bathrooms, how they work and what the advantages are of having one.


Tankless toilet design ideas – how do they work?


modern tankless toilet design ideas low flow toilet bathroom furniture


Tankless toilet design is no longer considered as revolutionary as they have been installed in many public areas and households. Known as “low-flow toilets”, they are the choice of many homeowners for the original visual appeal. But how do they work? An ordinary toilet has a tank and a bowl and water is accumulated in the tank. As the tank is placed above the bowl, the flushing process is easily understandable. A valve at the bottom of the tank opens when the user flushes the toilet and the water that was in the tank flows down into the bow. Well gravity also helps. Tankless designs, obviously as the name suggests, have no tank to accumulate water. They are connected directly to the water pipes and with the help of an electric pump located in the bowl the water flushes the toilet and a valve allows a pre-determined amount of water into the bowl. The valve ensures that the toilet will not overflow and the draining of a these models is the same as in any traditional toilet.


Tankless toilet design ideas – functionality in modern bathroom design


modern bathroom furniture tankless toilet ideas space saving

Tankless toilet design ideas are connected with the idea of using the space in the bathroom in the most functional way. Usually they are smaller in size which is a great advantage in terms of space saving. Moreover, you have the option to choose where you place the toilet, as long as there is piping available. Tankless models can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall which means they’ll take even less space. All you see is the flush button. The choice of models and colors is really vast and the design opportunities are practically endless. A bathroom renovation can transform a dated bathroom into a contemporary, convenient and welcoming place and in addition, significantly adds value to the property.

luxury bathroom ideas tankless toilet bathtub wall decoration

The biggest con is that they use electricity and in case of electricity failure you shall not be able to flush the toilet. Maintenance and repair require professional help as the pipes and electricity are hidden inside the walls. The cost of installing and repairs are a bit high when compared to installing and fixing other types of toilets. On the downside there is another issue which you should consider. If the water flow is not enough the flushing flow will not be able to clear the toilet and a thorough cleaning may require more than one flush. The end result could be an increased amount of water consumption. Due to the fact that tankless designs use an electric pump, they can be louder than standard toilets. Despite those disadvantages, many people prefer to opt for low-flow toilets. Look at the gallery and enjoy these fabulous bathroom designs.

tankless toilet design modern bathroom furniture ideas

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Tankless toilet design modern bathroom furniture space saving ideas

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