Toilet bidet combo – cool designs of small bathroom furniture

by Kremy

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Toilet bidet combo is the perfect solution for small bathrooms. Many homeowners prefer to install a bidet-toilet, first because they save space and secondly, because this bathroom equipment can offer a variety of functions.

The advantages of toilet bidet combo

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There are several advantages of installing a toilet bidet combo and the most obvious one is the space saving. After all, if a bathroom or powder room has a small area, it is more than logical to place a toilet with bidet functions.


Another advantage is the comfort – you do not need to move or use any other appliances and it is much easier to take care of your personal hygiene when sitting. The third advantage is the maximum ease of use.

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This is especially important for the elderly or pregnant women. The design is another advantage. Modern manufacturers are offering beautiful designs, which are not worse, and in some cases even better than a usual toilet.

 How to choose a toilet bidet combo


Choosing a toilet bidet combo is like choosing an ordinary toilet. The first thing you need to do is to check the quality certificates and the warranty by the manufacturer.

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Consider if the design will fit to your bathroom. Check the material – the market offers models made of porcelain, cast iron, steel, earthenware, glass. Porcelain and earthenware would be the most popular choice as they have a good quality.


The life span of a porcelain toilet is about 50 years and 35 years for earthenware. Make sure you choose a material which does not hold odors.


The structure of the tank is another feature you need to consider. Models with separate tanks are considered as more convenient because the tank can be mounted at any height. The quiet operation of the tank is a guarantee of his high quality.


Functional and space saving solution


 The compact design is especially suitable for small spaces

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 The variety of designs can meet every taste















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