Self adhesive backsplash tiles – save money on kitchen renovation

Written by Kremena Ruseva

self adhesive backsplash tiles peel and stick tiles designs

Self adhesive backsplash tiles are the easiest way to change the interior of your kitchen. They save you time, they save you the mess, they save you work and last but not least, they save you money!

self adhesive backsplash tiles glass tiles gold color kitchen backsplash ideas

Self adhesive backsplash tiles are nothing like a cheap looking material. May be they used to look cheap twenty years ago. Nowadays there are many modern materials that are able to ease the repair of the kitchen, while they look no worse than the usual finishing products.

Why it is a clever idea to use self adhesive backsplash tiles?

self adhesive tiles DIY kitchen renovation budget ideas

Besides the obvious reason that they are cost effective and will save you money and time, self adhesive backsplash tiles are extremely easy to work with. If you wonder whether you have to remove your old tiles, the answer is no.

peel stick glass mosaic tile diy self adhesive backsplash tiles

You self adhesive tiles can be glued on the old ones. If you make a mistake with the design, you can easily dismantle them and stick them again or arrange them in a completely new design.

peel and stick aluminium tiles kitchen renovation DIY backsplash ideas

The variety of designs of self-adhesive tiles allows homeowners to choose whichever type of appearance they want. Self adhesive tiles can imitate natural wood or marble, stone, silver, gold, copper, etc.

cheap kitchen renovation ideas self-adhesive tiles peel stick tiles

Different style designs vary from traditional to modern and give the opportunity to choose from different finishes and colors.

How to install self adhesive backsplash tiles?

 tiles DIY kitchen backsplash ideas

Self adhesive backsplash tiles work on the principle of “peel and stick”. First, you need to measure and cut your tiles into desired size.

DIY kitchen tile mosaic pattern

Some tiles come already cut to standard tile size but you will still have to adjust according to the specific space you are covering.

cut peel tiles stick DIY kitchen tile backsplash tiles

After that, remove the protective layer of paper on the adhesive and stick the tile directly to the surface.

easy craft ideas kitchen renovation DIY kitchen tiles

Press firmly to make sure the tile is stuck well. This is all that it takes.

An easy way to renovate the kitchen

how to install self-adhesive backsplash tiles cut peel stick
how to install tile backsplash self-adhesive tiles
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self-adhesive tile backsplash ideas kitchen renovation ideas

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