Oversized couches – welcoming and comfortable or huge and clumsy?

by Kremy

oversized sectional sofa gray color decorative cushions living room furniture

Oversized couches have found their place in the home furniture and you can recognize them in an instant as they are wider, bigger and deeper that any traditional sofas. Many people would say that an oversized couch is too massive and perhaps they have their reasons.

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It is true that such massive pieces of furniture are not suitable for small places as they create a feeling of a crowded and cluttered interior.

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Oversized couches look appealing and much more inviting and comfortable than smaller sofas. To many people the idea of a massive couch that offers seating to the whole family is attractive. However if you have decided to buy such a massive sofa you need to think very carefully how you will arrange the overall design of your room.


It is inevitable that an oversized couch is the focal point of the interior. Arranging additional furniture pieces around an oversized sofa can be quite a challenge.

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The first thing you need to consider is the place of your oversized sofa. It has to be one which does not stop the traffic and the free movement in the room. Usually, the best place is against a wall or in a corner as this would leave the center of the room free.

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Unless you have a huge living room, you will be faced with the challenge to eliminate the feeling of a cramped room. A good idea is to opt for lighter colors of the walls and the oversized sofas so that the space looks brighter and more spacious. Sometimes a floor couch is a good idea, as it does not look so massive.

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White, pale pastel shades, lighter hues of gray will be a good option. Try to avoid contrasts in the colors so that the room appears visually bigger.

contemporary oversized sofas modern family room furniture ideas

It is important what type of furniture you place around an oversized sofa. Experts recommend that it is best if you opt for smaller midsized pieces. Combining a massive sofa with a small coffee table might look awkward so midsized options are preferable.

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Oversized couch designs come in different shapes and styles. You can choose from an L-shaped sofa, a corner sofa, U-shaped couch or any other shape suitable to your taste and available space. Most oversized sofas are designed as sectionals to provide greater flexibility and convenience. You can arrange and rearrange the seating as per the need of the moment and hove comfortable seating at any time.Try to keep the design simple. A large wall picture would be enough as a wall decoration and will match the scale of your massive sofa. A few pillows in bold colors will add the necessary elegant and sophisticated look. Remember – do not overdo the design. Sometimes less is more!

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oversized sectional sofa black leather sofa contemporary living room furniture ideas

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