The Bahia chair – a stylish chair design as a charm against bad luck

by Kremy

Bahia stylish chair design bright yellow

Do you feel down, tired or just bored? Do bright colours and texture make you feel happy? Well, have a look at the Bahia chair and let the sunshine in your life. It was created in London based studio 20age. The designers recycle old chairs, repair them and bring them back to life with a new, fabulous look and amazingly stylish chair design.

 A stylish chair design as a charm against bad luck

 Bahia chair design back multicolour ribbons


The Bahia chair has 5000 Brazilian ribbon bracelets, which, according to 20age are considered as a lucky charm in Brazil. Usually one ties such a ribbon bracelet to his wrist making three knots. A wish is made for each knot and when the band falls off your wishes come true. As an addition to that the armchair is reupholstered in sunny yellow velvet cord and the buttons are turquoise. Just imagine – 5000 bright pieces of colourful happiness and years ahead to make three wishes for each bracelet. This stylish chair design will boost your mood and happiness, and you can be sure that wherever you place this lovely armchair it will be the most noticeable item and the focal point of any room in your home.

Bahia chair design in bright yellow upholstery



Bahia chair design detail colourful ribbons





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