Breuer Wassily chair – a legendary chair design

by Kremy

contemporary interior ideas breuer wassily chair

Breuer Wassily chair was created by Marcel Breuer – one of the most prominent and influential designers of the XX century. In 1920 Breuer was mainly engaged in furniture design, and that is when he created the famous chair ” Wassily “.

Breuer Wassily chair was dedicated to the painter Wassily Kandinsky

Marcel Breuer chair design model B3 Wassily chair


Breuer Wassily chair is really legendary. It was designed when Marcel Breuer was 23 years old and was deeply under the influence of constructivism. In 1925, he showed an innovative approach in the field of furniture design and began designing furniture pieces using steel tubes. The seat was initially named “B3 “ and after that was given the name “ Wassily Chair”, in honor of the Russian artist and founder of abstract art Wassily Kandinsky. When the piece went into production in America, the name was preserved. The public received the new design with a great enthusiasm and it quickly became tremendously popular. Even Breuer did not expect such an instant success and even nowadays has thousands of copies and prototypes.

 Breuer Wassily chair – an innovative furniture design

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The features that make Breuer Wassily chair stand out as a design are simplicity, functionality and rationality, which was the credo of the designer. It became a symbol of the industrialization of the early twentieth century and it is believed that for the first chair he used steel tubes and canvas and the inspiration behind the design came from the wheel of the bicycle. The chair has not lost its popularity and you will see it in many modern interiors as it has slender lines and contemporary appearance.

 modern living room leather furniture marcel breuer wassily chair

 A timeless cfurniture design

modern living room furniture breuer wassily chairs black leather sofa

 Classic design in a modern interior

Marcel Breuer Wassily chair modern interior dessign

Simple and functional furniture design

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Breuer Wassily chair is still very popular

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living room interior furniture ideas classic wassily chair

furniture ideas breuer wassily chair

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contemporary living room interior breuer wassily chair sofa

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