Bed skirt – a charming detail which adorns every bed

by Kremy

attic bedroom colorful bed skirt interior decoration

Bed skirts are a decorative detail. Usually it is a strip of fabric with embroidery or lace and serves to hide the bed base or the space beneath it. They may be as an extension of the lower sheet (mattress cover), which is attached to the elastic band on the mattress itself, or can be a separately element attached to the bed. Besides the aesthetic and decorative function the bed skirt has a protective function as well – it protects from contamination.

 Bed skirt types and designs

contemporary bedroom black white skirt orange bedding set


The variety of designs and finishes of bed skirts is vast – there are geometric and floral ornaments, birds, animals, trees or images of mythological animals. The color range is also unlimited but there is one rule which is worth knowing – the bed skirt must match the color and texture of fabric which is used for the decoration of the bed. Often the bed skirt is an absolute necessity, especially in small bedrooms where the space under the bed is used for storage of linen, drawers or other belongings.

Bed skirt – a highlight in the interior

small bedroom decoration ideas bed headboard skirt floral motif

The great popularity of bed skirts is due mainly to the fact that they are able to add a harmonious touch and complement the composition of bed linen and bedroom furnishings as a whole. Bed skirts in modern interior are considered as a detail of the decor. When choosing fabrics for the bed skirt you should take into account the overall interior design of the room, for example – the pattern of wallpapers, color combinations of the furniture pieces, the style of design- rustic, modern, traditional, etc. This adorable bed accessory can be bought from a shop but you could also craft it by yourself and you will have a unique and personalized bed skirt which will suit your taste and individuality.


teen girl bedroom decor pink white bed skirt window curtains



poster bed bedroom furniture ruffled skirt armchairs

boys bedroom decoration striped headboard skirt side tables

girls bedroom interior design ballet theme black white decor

ruffled bed skirt poster bed stylish bedroom decorating ideas

elegant bedroom pleated skirt green white interior

 decorative pillows traditional bedroom interior

bedroom design bedding set ideas blue white curtains

kids bedroom furniture daybed bedding pink white ruffled skirt

elegant bedroom design bedding set

 ideas floral motif bedroom decor ideas

contemporary bedroom tailored headboard venetian blind

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blue white stripes carpet bedroom interior design

 designs ideas elegant bedding decorative pillows

bedroom furniture ideas ruffled skirt blue headboard

bedroom furniture ideas elegant bedding set tailored skirt

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bedroom decorating ideas elegant bedding ruffled skirt

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