Outdoor pizza oven – a classic oven for perfect culinary results

by Kremy

Pizza oven outdoor kitchen design ideas

Outdoor pizza ovens do not take up much space in your yard, but can be a wonderful asset of your outdoor kitchen. The shape of the furnace can be traditional or original, emphasizing the style and ambience of the surrounding space.

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A wood burning pizza oven is the classic version of this furnace. It dates back to the XV th century and is still considered as the best way to make a delicious pizza. The principle has remained unchanged and even nowadays indoor or outdoor pizza ovens are constructed in the same way. The base is made of clay refractory and special materials that withstand the considerable temperatures (up to 1250 degrees Celsius). Furnace arch has the shape of a hemisphere, where the hot air circulates inside from the bottom up. In many Italian pizzerias the fire in the oven is not completely extinguished for many months. Even if there is no pizza inside the oven, high temperature is maintained and when pizza is cooked the temperature is adjusted to 350 – 400 ° C.

Outdoor pizza oven design ideas outdoor kitchens

The size of the outdoors pizza ovens can be different but on average it is 100 – 110 cm. The difference is in the oven dome height and the size of the entrance to the unit. Nowadays pizza ovens can be a part of the outdoor kitchen as a part of the fireplace using traditional wood or modern electric or gas ovens. We have collected some examples how you could add a traditional wood burning pizza oven to your patio kitchen and enjoy a fantastic pizza with your family and friends every time.

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