Dust ruffles ideas – a charming bed accessory or a necessity?

by Kremy

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Dust ruffles are defined as a piece of cloth, gathered or pleated, which runs along the bottom of the mattress to the floor. Used as a decorative item, its main function is to prevent the collection of dust under the bed. Many people confuse dust ruffles with bed skirts but these are different things, we shall see how these differ and will show you some beautiful dust ruffles ideas.


Dust ruffles ideas – what is the difference between dust ruffles and bed skirt?


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Bed skirts are the most common accessory and they stretch over the box spring to keep it in place. Once placed, bed skirts remain permanently on the bed. Dust ruffles, however, are wrapped around the base of the bed. They can be attached with Velcro or elastic. So far it does not sound like a big difference between the two, but dust ruffles can be removed much easier than bed skirts. In addition, there is no need to lift up the mattress to install dust ruffles. There are many dust ruffles ideas which are suitable for baby cribs or beds which cannot be equipped with a bed skirt.


Dust ruffles ideas – how to choose the type of ruffles?


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Dust ruffles can be found in three main designs – tailored, gathered or pleated and you can find them in a wide variety of fabrics – from cotton and silk to upholstery type fabrics. When choosing dust ruffles for your bed, you need to match them with the color palette of the bedroom and it will be a good option if the dust ruffles work harmoniously with your comforter and pillowcases. Some dust ruffles ideas show how the ruffles are matched with the bedroom curtains, for example, or different window valance styles to create a finished look in the bedroom. Look at the gallery and choose the style and the type of the ruffles that you like best!


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