Best Highlights for Black Hair Trend 2023: 17 Stunning Looks Great for Spring or Summer

by Kristiyana

Looking for the best highlights for black hair trend this 2023? Then girl, you have come to the right place! Your black or dark brunette hair deserves some attention and appreciation, and what better way to get it than with a new, fresh look for the Spring or Summer season? is here to offer you with 17 stunning options on highlights for any preferences or style choice. We have subtle and natural-looking highlights, eye-catching reds and grays, caramel, chocolate, you name it. Have a look and convince yourself!

Black hair with chocolate caramel highlights

black hair with chocolate highlights dark brunette hair with chocolate highlights

Let’s start our picks on the best highlights for black hair trend of 2023! Up first, we have these stunning chocolate caramel highlights on black hair. If you choose these colouring technique, the highlights can look even better if you start them from the mid-shaft of the hair. Chocolate caramel highlights will add energy and vibrancy to your black locks.

Dark brunette with highlights and lowlights

brunette with highlights and lowlights black hair with highlights and lowlights


How about trying a mix of highlights and lowlights for your black hair? This technique will create a natural look for your hair, while adding depth and dimension to it at the same time. Just wait to you see how these mesmerizing tones shine in the sun.

Black hair with sun-kissed strands 2023

best highlights for black hair trend 2023 black hair with sun kissed highlights

Looking for more natural-looking highlights for your dark hair? Why not try these soft sun-kissed highlights? Opt for thin streaks of light brown throughout your hair to get that fresh summer look.

Money piece highlights on black hair

best highlights for black hair trend 2023 money piece highlights on dark hair

Your black hair would look amazing with these face-framing money piece highlights. The money piece hairstyle creates a playful look with a bit of edge, and nicely frames the face.

Dark hair with brown foilayage and root melt

black hair with root melt best highlights for black hair trend 2023

A brown foilayage is just what your black hair needs to get that warm and radiant look. Here, the contrast between the black and brown tones is soft, creating dimension and shine for your hair.

Best cinnamon-caramel highlights 2023

dark hair with cinnamon caramel highlights caramel highlights

More mouth-watering highlights? You have them! Cinnamon caramel highlights would look superb on your dark locks. They are subtle enough, yet create an eye-catching hairstyle.

Black hair with blue highlights trend

black hair with blue highlights blue highlights on dark hair

And for those girls who are looking for a new bold and statement hairstyle, why not get these beautiful blue highlights for your black hair? A great look for the summer that will transform you into a mermaid.

Almost invisible brown highlights on dark hair

natural highlights for black hair natural highlights for dark hair

Want to spice things up with your dark hair, but don’t want to overdo it? These almost invisible brown highlights are just what you need. A few subtle brown streaks embedded into your black hair can create a look that is far from boring. These highlights will give you a natural-looking hairstyle with dimension.

Best gray highlights for black hair 2023

black hair with gray highlights gray highlights

Love the gray highlights trend? Black and gray or silver can create a mesmerizing contrast in your hair. The gray colour will give you a modern edge, just be careful with the tone of gray you select. This dusky gray right here is perfect for dark-haired girls.

Dark hair with deep red highlights trend

black hair with red highlights dark hair with red highlights

Anyone who knows me, is familiar with my fascination with the colour red. Red coat, red sneakers, and we can’t forget that red hair! This 2023, opt for deep red highlights throughout your black hair to create a very stylish and feminine look.

Long black hair with chocolate highlights

black hair with chocolate highlights chocolate highlights

Food-based highlights are just what your black hair craves! The chocolate highlights technique will give your hair extra shine and more dimension. Your ideal look for the summer. Wouldn’t you say?

Blonde highlights for black hair 2023

black hair with blonde highlights best highlights for black hair trend 2023

Dare to try some blonde highlights for your dark hair? Blonde on black can look good, if the lighter colour is chosen carefully to blend nicely with your natural one. Make sure you ask your stylist for tips on what would look best for you. A subtle blonde sheen over black hair can create an alluring and stylish look.

Dark hair with bronze highlights trend

dark hair with bronze highlights bronze highlights

I don’t know about you, but something about this look instantly took me away. The bronze highlights beautifully create an in-depth look for this dark hair, achieving a glamorous and trendy hairstyle. What’s not to love?

Best auburn highlights for black hair

black hair with auburn highlights highlights for dark hair

Did you know that auburn is the top hair colour for 2023? What better way to spice up your black locks than with some trendy auburn highlights? You can blend in thinner coloured pieces with chunkier ones for a stunning hairstyle.

Silver peekaboo strands on dark hair 2023

highlights trends 2023 peekaboo highlights

More ideas on the best highlights for black hair trend of 2023? Try peekaboo highlights! This unique colouring technique is about dyeing the hair underneath the top layer. When you wear it down the colour won’t be visible, but if you tie your hair the dyed layer would “peekaboo”. Cute right? And silver peekaboo highlights would look outstanding on black hair.

Caramel highlights on black hair trend

dark brunette hair with caramel highlights caramel highlights on black hair

Caramel highlights on black or dark brunette hair, can create a rich and shiny finish for your lengths. Ask your stylist for hand-painted highlights around your face, to get a natural sun-kissed look. A toning gloss would add more vibrancy and warmth to the caramel highlights.

Black hair with ash gray highlights 2023

trendy highlights 2023 ash gray highlights for black hair

More gray highlights for black hair? You’ve got them! Get a chic rock girl vibe with these ash gray highlights. Opt for soft waves or curls to show off your new beautiful hair colour.

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