Blind Pimples Are a Nightmare! But… Find If You Can Get Rid of Them Fast!

by Gabby

You start doing your daily skincare routine, you wash your face gently with a cleanser, put on a toner, you massage your moisturizer onto your face when suddenly… you feel some bumps on your skin… What is that? You don’t see anything in particular but these bumps are making your skin look imperfect. Well, these are the so-called blind pimples! What are they exactly? How to get rid of them fast? How long do they last? We are going to answer all your questions today and help you remove them at home!

Blind Pimples Are a Nightmare! But… Find If You Can Get Rid of Them Fast!

how to remove blind pimple under the skin fast methods easy at home

What are blind peoples? I am sure we all had them at some point! They are pimples that develop under the skin surface and are often a bit painful. When they fully form, sometimes we can see a visible blemish on the skin. They might show up not only on your face, but also back and chest. They are considered as one of the most annoying pimples, because they are not only hard to remove but when you rub your fingers onto the skin it might feel irritating. Now, a piece of advice before we continue with the removal methods – DO NOT try to pop them with your fingers! I know this might be temping but it is absolutely forbidden to do! If you try to squeeze it that might leave a scar and it might make things worst!

How Do You Get Rid Of a Pimple That’s Under The Skin?

We are going to start easy with some home remedies that you can do, which are going to help you remove a blind pimple. They are simple and you are not going to need a lot of supplies. Check them out:

  • Start by applying a warm compress onto the area with the blind pimples. Place the warm cloth onto the skin and leave it for about 15 minutes. This will help for the pores to open, which will allow the pimple to release the pus and heal afterward.
  • Acne patches have become very popular in the past few years, because they are proven to be very helpful. Put on a patch onto the blind pimple if needed. Since they contain salicylic acid, which is great against acne, it might make the pimple disappear.
  • Apply honey and turmeric powder. Both of these ingredients have antimicrobial purposes that will help you get rid of the bacteria causing the blind pimples to appear. Grab a bowl and put 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix them well together and apply over the pimples. If possible, you can even leave that overnight and then rinse it off with water.
  • Tea Tree oil is another ingredient that can help you get rid of the blind pimples. Same as the honey and turmeric powder, this oil has a lot of antimicrobial purposes, which can help fight against bacteria. For the best results, apply onto the pimples twice a day.

how to get rid of a pimple thats under your skin methods skincare ideas fast


How Do You Get Rid Of a Hard Pimple Under The Skin Fast?

If the blind pimple is hard, then I’m afraid home remedies won’t be that helpful if you want to get rid of it fast. Then you will have to get good products that will help you win the fight!

  • Using products that contain benzoyl peroxide can give you the best results, since they will kill the bacteria that is under the skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most commonly used medication against acne. You can find many creams and cleansers that have it and will get rid of the blind pimples fast!
  • Use creams that are high in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, retinol, vitamin A, omega-3s, etc.
  • If you are not able to remove the pimples with products and home remedies, then you will have to ask a dermatologist for a check-up, so they can help you further. Sometimes, if the area of the skin gets infected, you will need a chemical removal for the blind pimples.
  • Most of the time the problems with our skin comes from within. That’s why it is good to consults a dermatologist and if they prescribe you some medication, you will have to take it regularly.
  • Have you heard about cortisone shots? Yes, it is not a pleasant experience, however, if the pimples under the skin are hard to remove, you will have to turn to your doctor and they will do the cortisone shots on each pimple.

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How Long Do Blind Pimples Last?

Normally, these type of pimples that are under the skin last about two weeks. However, this results can be achieved only if you treat them properly with a good treatment. If you notice that the blind pimple is staying on your skin for longer and it gets painful, then you will have to call your dermatologist and ask for help.

Should I Ice a Blind Pimple?

It is recommended to do warm compresses, and NOT ice your blind pimples. The reason behind this is that the warmth can open up the pores and let the pus of the pimple out. But when it comes to ice compresses, they can close the pores, which means that the bacteria will stay trapped alongside with the dead skin cells and the oils that were produced.

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