10 Chic Ideas for Bed-Head Bangs When You Don’t Feel Like Using a Hairbrush!

by Radost P.

Let’s be honest, there are days when we feel too lazy to even use a hairbrush! Yet, this is a normal human thing, and it should not reflect on our hairstyle. As long as we style and maintain it throughout most of the time. In fact, a messy and casual hair becomes more and more popular since it is natural and gives the vibe of lightheartedness. If you are curious, check out ideas for hair with bed-head bangs below!

5 Chic and Trendy Ideas for Bed Head Bangs!

bed head with bangs

Bangs have the power to emphasize certain facial features, like your cheekbones or eyes, so it is important to choose the right kind for your preferences. Also, keep in mind that dry shampoo is going to be an essential product for your hair since the bangs can get quite greasy sometimes. In this article, we will give you ideas on how your hair could look like with bed head bangs! So, keep on reading.

Medium Length Brown Hair With Bangs

bed head hair look


One of the hairstyles that short bed head bangs suit well is medium length brown hair. If you use a good shampoo, no one will notice that your hair is not brushed this day – as long as you keep the rest of your style as it is.

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Curly and Casual Hair

curly hair with bangs bed head style

The benefit of having curls is that sometimes you really do not have to use the hairbrush. They look chic and stylish anyway. This is the case only if you use high-quality products for your hair.

Lovely Bed Head Bangs
how to get the bed head hairstyle

Here is another idea on how to wear your hair when you haven’t used the brush. We recommend wearing clothes in darker shades, since this will put more emphasis onto them.

Dark Hair With Bed Head Fringe

how to wear my bed head hairstyle

When your hair is dark and the bangs suit your face features well, you can allow yourself to have a lazy hairstyle day. If you add a few highlights to your hair, they will create the illusion of volume and fullness, especially for women with thin hair.

Wavy Hair With Wispy Bangs

medium length hair light brown with bangs

If you have a wavy light brown hair, here is how bed head bangs look like. Just do not forget to spray a small amount of dry shampoo onto your fingers and massage over your bangs area.

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Bonus – 5 More Bed Head Bangs Looks

long dark bed head hair with bangs fringe

In conclusion, hopefully the examples above are a proof that your hair can look chic and stylish even without using a hairbrush! Of course, this does not mean that taking care of your hair is not important! Yet, the truth is, sometimes simple is better than sophisticated. And everyone has lazy days sometimes, don’t we? If you need more ideas for inspiration, check the ones below!

Casual and chic hairstyle with bed head bangs

how to style bed head hair

Light brown hair with a fringe

short brown hair with bangs

Short blonde hair with casual bangs

short blonde hair

Chestnut hair with lovely bangs

what kind of brown shade is good for bed head hairstyle

Wavy and short dark brown hair with bangs

short to medium hair with bangs

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