How to Remove Female Mustache? Find The Proven Easy Methods Here!

by Gabby

Do you ever feel self-conscious if you forgot to remove your mustache? Yes, women also have a mustache, even though we like to call it peach fuss or another cute name, because we don’t want to face the issue. And you know what I hate the most? We plucked every single strand of hair and then suddenly 3 days later, there it is again… With the high beauty standards that society holds for us ladies, we can’t allow ourselves to walk around with a mustache… I know that it can sound like a true pressure, but don’t you worry! I have some of the best ways on how to remover a female mustache! They are easy to follow and the results are guaranteed!

How to Remove Female Mustache? Find The Proven Easy Methods Here!

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Plucking your hair one by one can be super painful, we can all agree! I personally have tried many things to help me fight that “peach fuss” that we all want to desperately get rid of FOREVER! But, the question here is: What can ACTUALLY work? Well, our Deavita team have gathered some of the best proven methods that you can try at home!

Do Most Girls Have Upper Lip Hair?

Normally, at some point in our lives we all can notice some hair growth on our upper lip area. However, if you notice that the area becomes darker and your hair thicker, it means that you have excess male hormones. They are known as androgens and are the common issues when we talk about female mustache. I would advise you to consult your doctor and run some tests, before doing anything to remove it. If the problem is hormonal, then you will most probably need to take medications or be on a strict diet.

How to Get Rid Of Female Mustache?

Now, let’s dive into the best methods that you can try, because we know that they work. Many women have tried shaving their mustache, but we recommend staying away from the razor. This can promote hair growth and we want to absolutely avoid that!

Wax Your Mustache

Wax is your best tool, when it comes to getting rid of the mustache. According to some dermatologists, waxing can even slow down the hair growth and will make your upper lip look smoother. You can do it once or twice a month at home with pre-maid waxing kid or waxing strips. If you are experiencing redness, put some aloe cream to minimize the burning sensation.

Laser Removal

If your female mustache turns out to be tough to remove, then you need to consult an aesthetician and make an appointment for a laser removal. This method is proven to work the best. And also your mustache won’t show up for at least 6 months, depending on the laser.

How to Remove Female Mustache Naturally?

There is a way that you can remove your mustache naturally! All you are going to need is a lemon and sugar. Did you know that lemons are used to naturally lighten hair? The lemons act like a “bleach”. Grab a tiny bowl and squeeze the lemon inside. Put in one tablespoon sugar and mix well. Apply the mixture on your mustache and let it stay for about 5 minutes. Rinse it with water. Now, keep in mind that this won’t show results immediately. You have to be persistent and keep doing it every week to notice a difference!

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Is It OK for a Woman to Shave Upper Lip?

As we mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to use a razor and shave your mustache, since your hair can start growing quicker. Instead, you can use one of the touch up tools that are especially made for facial hair removal. Yes, there are many myths that these tools can irritate the skin. Our advice is to try it on a small area around your face, before removing your entire mustache. There are many types of skin that can act differently. Keep in mind that you should be extra careful!

is it ok for a woman to shave upper lip female mustache removal


How to Remove Female Facial Hair by Threading? DIY

Have you tried threading? This is one of the most efficient ways to remove facial hair, including female mustache. The best part is that you don’t have to go to your cosmetician. You can DIY this tool and try the effect at home. Now, go ahead and watch the video for the full tutorial!

How to Remove Female Mustache Shadow?

A mustache shadow is mostly pigmentation, due to sun damage. It is dark and visible and it usually makes us look like we have a mustache 24/7, no matter what we do. These shadows are very hard to remove and that is why you have to do a laser treatment. It is painless and you will notice some results right away. Unfortunately, we found that not a lot of home remedies work. So, consult an aesthetician first and they will find what is best for your case!

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