French Pixie Haircut – How to Rock the Short Chop Like a True Parisian Femme Fatale?

by Stephanie Yankova

Committing to the short chop can be quite intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but I can tell you right now without any hesitation – it’s one of the most freeing experiences you’ll ever go through! The French pixie cut is an excellent choice for both short hair pioneers and veterans, as it’s fairly easy to maintain and style, which saves you a good amount of time in front of the mirror every day. When we talk about French pixie, think about the effortlessly chic hairstyles of Jean Seberg and Audrey Tautou that generations of women have tried to emulate. Here’s how you too can embody the Parisian cool with our selection of the trendiest French pixie haircuts to copy in 2023!

classic french pixie haircut short chop summer hairstyle ideas inspo 2023

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What Face Shape is Best for French Pixie Haircut?

What’s great about the French pixie cut is that it can be tailored to suit any face shape. It’s important to get your hair cut by a skilled professional barber who can provide you with advice on how you can make it work for your face shape and hair texture. Ultimately, the best-suited face shapes for a pixie haircut that would require minimal adjustments are oval, square and heart-shaped faces and people who have a wide forehead. Here’s why:

  • Heart-shaped face – The French pixie cut will help soften your features, it will shift the focus to the upper part of your face and away from your chin and elongated jawline.
  • Square face – A layered French pixie with side-swept bangs is an excellent choice for you because it will soften the strong angles of your face and narrow your forehead.
  • Oval face – A slightly longer French pixie haircut with volume at the top and micro or asymmetrical bangs would be the most suitable option for you. This will help make your face appear longer and slimmer.

Modern French Pixie Haircut Ideas

super short low maintenance french pixie cut textured hair


Chanel your inner femme fatale with this edgy and feminine hairdo that encompasses the essence of Parisian chic. Soft layers, bold edges, voluminous crowns, asymmetrical bangs – anything goes with the French pixie as long as it represents your true character and you carry it with your head held high! Let’s help you choose the perfect do with our suggestions below!

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Layered French Pixie Haircut for Heart-Shaped Face

french pixie haircut wavy hair layered textured hairstyle

If you have naturally thick wavy or curly hair you’ve probably been told many times to stay away from short chops, because they are hard to maintain for your hair texture and will make your face look chubby. We’re busting this myth today because you’ve been led to believe a lie! The secret to getting the perfect pixie cut for thick wavy hair is layers! If you have a heart-shaped face – even better! A side-swept fringe will help give you a beautiful gentle appearance!

French Pixie Cut for Women with Square Face Shape

salt and pepper french pixie women over 50 brushed forward bangs

A French pixie with forward brushed bangs and longer sides is perfect for women with square face shapes. It balances out your features and makes your forehead appear smaller and more narrow which softens your appearance. This is also a great modern hairstyle for women over 50 that will make your beloved salt and pepper hair really pop!

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Modern Pixie Cut with Layered Side Swept Bangs for Oval Face Shape

modern french pixie haircut side swept long bangs wet look hairstyle

On the Premiere of her movie “Seberg” which tells the tragic story of the French actress, Kristen Stewart rocked a stunning edgy French pixie cut reminiscent of the one she wore in the movie, but with a modern twist! The slicked down sides and layered side bangs open up and elongate her round face beautifully.

Bowl Cut French Pixie with Shaggy Bangs

french pixie bowl cut layered textured curly hair

This bowl cut pixie is ideal for you if you have a round or oval face and thick, wavy hair. The layers will help create volume at the top of your head which will give your face a slimmer appearance. If you have a wider forehead, don’t shy away from the choppy bangs which will finish off the look brilliantly and really give you that classic French edge!

Classic French Pixie Cut à la Jean Seberg

french pixie haircut jean seberg short crop hairstyle

The super short pixie with micro bangs is the true French staple that has been worn and loved by generations of women from all over the world and continues its reign to this day! Keep in mind that you will have to pay the hair salon a visit every 3-4 weeks in order to upkeep this do, however, the day-to-day maintenance is really brought down to the absolute minimum! This haircut is not only the hottest trend of the summer but will also save you tons of hassle and leave you plenty of time to do all your other favorite activities outside of tending to your beauty routines!

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More French Pixie Haircut Ideas to Copy

shaggy french pixie haircut classic short summer hairstyle 2023

Long Shaggy Pixie Cut with French Bangs

shaggy long french pixie haircut curtain bangs trendy summer hairstyle inspo

Voluminous French Pixie Cut with Subtle Side Part

pixie cut subtle side part bangs volume trendy hairstyle summer 2023

Layered Pastel Pink French Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

pastel pink french pixie side swept bangs trendy short summer chop

Choppy French Pixie Haircut with Micro Bangs

french pixie haircut micro choppy bangs modern hairstyle cara delevigne

Textured French Pixie for Curly Hair 

french pixie haircut curly texture hair modern styling inspo 2023

Platinum Blonde Layered French Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

french pixie haircut asymmetrical bangs platinum blonde layered hairstyle

Dark Brown Textured French Pixie Cut with Forward Brushed Bangs 

dark brown textured french pixie face framing layered hairdo

Classic Structured French Pixie Haircut with a Side Part 

classic structured french pixie haircut blonde hair chic summer hairdo ideas 2023

Shaggy Layered French Pixie Haircut for Heart-Shape Face

choppy layered pixie french bangs summer hairstyle inspo 2023

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