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Fascinating blue granite countertops in modern and handsome kitchens


Do you want a modern, stylish and attractive kitchen? How about a touch of aristocratic elegance or a Mediterranean flair? We will show you some gorgeous ideas with blue granite countertops and blue pearl countertops in kitchens which have a modern vibe and great elegance.


Why choose blue granite countertops?


luxury Mediterranean kitchen design white cabinets blue countertops

Granite is a traditional choice for kitchen countertops and is appreciated all over the world for its durability. Granite comes in lots of colors which differ depending on the country where it is quarried. Blue granite countertops, like most granite types, offer a wide variety of shades within the blue palette and offer incredibly attractive look to the decor. The sophisticated look and the exciting effect of blue granite countertops are indisputable.


The captivating look together with the qualities of granite – durability, resistance to scratches – make it highly appreciated by homeowners and interior designers. Blue granite comes in different appearance and textures, depending on the type of minerals. Whites, grays, browns and other shades of blue are the most common secondary colors. One of the most sought after blue granites is Azul, as it is quite rare and formidably beautiful.


The most famous stone for blue granite countertops – Blue Pearl granite



The most famous stone for blue granite countertops is Blue Pearl granite. It is quarried in Norway and is characterized by large blue, pearly crystals, set in a luxurious deep blue stone. It is also known as Labrador Blue Pearl Granite, Labrador Chiaro granite, Labrador Blue granite, Marina Pearl Granite, and the different types have different shades – from an almost silver pearl to a deep blue pearl.



Blue pearl granite countertops are highly popular for the unique beauty they add to a kitchen color scheme. Whether you opt for a slab which offers flashes of blue minerals embedded in dark granite or the elegance of light blue quartzite, you can be certain that your kitchen countertop will be a conversational piece!












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