Bridal Accessories Trends 2023: These are all the novelties that all brides-to-be should know!

by Gabby

Without a doubt, the wedding day is one of the most important days in our life that will stay in our memory forever. So it is important that everything goes as planned. The location is set, we have the wedding dress ready and the bridal shoes are prepared. Congratulations! While most brides focus on the wedding dress, the accessories play an equally important role in creating a stunning look. Whether it’s a veil, gloves or shiny hair accessories, for us, it’s sometimes precisely the small details that have the greatest effect. So if you want an eye-catching appearance, we have made a list with the bridal accessories trends 2023. Let’s have a look at them!

Bridal accessories trends 2023: We cannot wait for the special occasion!

bridal accessories trends 2023 vail special day wedding dress

Once frowned upon as old-fashioned and conservative, the bridal veil is celebrating a big comeback this year. After all, the moment when the groom lifts the bridal veil and is finally allowed to kiss his wife is really priceless! Whether short, long, made of satin or silk, the veil is a great eye-catcher and really makes the wedding look perfect. While the long ones are a timeless classic, short veils are super practical and can also be combined with many wedding dresses. But forget the classic white for a second, because this year embroidered bridal veils are definitely one of the most popular bridal accessory trends for 2023.

bridal vail for a wedding dress how to choose it 2023 trends


The lace details are very subtle and ensure a romantic and fairytale look. When it comes to length, absolutely anything is possible and an embroidered bridal veil will transform you into a true princess in no time. Most models come with an insert comb and can easily be attached to the wedding hairstyle. But the most important thing is that the veil is coordinated with the entire look. Speaking of wedding dresses, in this article you will find some of the most beautiful bridal fashion trends for 2023 that all brides-to-be can look forward to.

Bridal cloak

wedding dress with a cloak bridal fashion trends 2023

Would you like something more modern and unconventional? The bridal accessories trend for 2023 have something to offer! How about upgrading your wedding dress with a beautiful, glamorous bridal cape? Also known as cloaks, they immediately help to create a fashionable and graceful bridal look and give even the simplest wedding dress a fairytale touch.

wedding dresses 2023 trends bridal cloak cape princess style

Similar to bridal veils, the selection of models and variants is really huge, so there is literally something for every taste and style. Sometimes they are with sequins, lots of embroidery, in white or pastel pink for a subtle dash of color. Bridal capes are particularly exciting bridal accessories with a guaranteed WOW effect!

Bridal accessories trends 2023: Gloves

bridal gloves for a wedding accessories white dress 2023

You want to have a sophisticated look on your wedding day? I got you! The bridal accessory trends for 2023 are all about glamour and drama. You need to try wearing gloves made of silk on your special day! The small accessories can be seen in all possible variations and radiate pure elegance.

transparant white gloves bridal accessories wedding day

While long gloves look particularly elegant with off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, short sleeves or delicate straps can be wonderfully combined with half-length gloves. You have to make sure that your bridal gloves will compliment the dress perfectly! How to do so? If you have a simple white wedding dress, get something with pearls. You will definitely look like walking out of a Disney Movie! It is chic, feminine and everything you want and more! I cannot get enough of this bridal look!

Try wearing pearl jewelry for a timeless look!

pearl jewlery for a timeless look wedding day inspiration bridal fashion trends

I know that pearls are sometimes considered old-fashioned! However, you will be surprised to hear that they are one of the biggest trends when it comes to bridal jewelry. But don’t think of your grandmother’s pearl jewelry! Whether you want some pearl necklaces, earrings or bracelets, they are much more modern and stylish these days. But classic pearl jewelry is also making a big comeback and ensures a timeless bridal look. Regardless of whether you choose the more modern or classic version, one thing is certain – pearls always radiate elegance.

Hair accessories

bridal hair accessories rhinestones pearls hair wedding style

Have you already decided on the wedding dress and the matching accessories? To give your look the finishing touch, all you need is the right wedding hairstyle, which you can enhance with a beautiful hair accessory. Should it be a royal tiara? Or would you prefer a colorful wreath of flowers? To help you make your choice, we share the latest trends in bridal hair accessories.

Hair comb

bridal hair comb wedding hairstyle ideas 2023

Whether you have already chosen your wedding hairstyle, a beautiful hair comb will be the perfect complement to it. The bridal hair ornament is a real eye-catcher and can be found in all imaginable sizes and designs. Sometimes with pearls, blossoms, flowers, feathers or pearls, there is something for every taste and style! Whether you wear it with the bridal veil or spice up your hair bun with it, is purely a matter of taste.

Bridal accessories 2023: Flowers

how to wear my hair on my wedding day hairstyle ideas flower accessories boho style

Beautiful flower as a hair accessory have been super trendy for years and continue to be one of the most popular bridal trends for 2023. Especially for vintage or Boho style outdoor weddings, flower hair accessories are a great option for an effortless and elegant bridal look. It doesn’t always have to be real flowers, because jewelry made with artificial flowers. However, you should definitely pay attention to the quality, otherwise the hair accessory will quickly start to look cheap.

Tiaras are always in style!

bridal tiaras wedding accessories for 2023 style fashion

Have you always dreamed of a wedding that is just like from a fairy tale? After all, every woman wants to feel like a real princess at least once in her life, right? A tiara or diadem gives even the simplest wedding hairstyle a royal and glamorous touch and literally lets you shine on your most beautiful day. The hair ornament often comes with several sparkling rhinestones or pearls in different sizes.

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