Casual Clothes for 70 Year Old Woman: 15 Pre-Fall Outfit Ideas to Recreate Today!

by Stephanie Yankova

Do you feel like giving your day-to-day style a little upgrade? When we get to a certain age, it’s common for many women to get into the habit of “comfort dressing”.  Do you want to find out how to give your closet a stylish modern makeover? Get inspired by the trendiest casual clothes for the 70-year-old woman to try in 2023!

maye musk tailored pin stripe suit casual clothes women over 70

What Looks Good on a 70 Year Old Woman?

While there aren’t any rules set in stone regarding what a woman in her 70s should and shouldn’t wear, there are certainly some hacks you can use to flatter your figure and elevate your appearance. This is the perfect time for you to experiment with different patterns, oversized fits, and accessories! Avoid clothes that are either too revealing or too inexpressive. Try to find a middle ground between comfort and self-expression that allows your personality to shine through!

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Casual Clothes for 70 Year Old Woman

chic casual clothes women over 70 summer fall 2023 silk tuck in shirt straight white jeans sneakers handbag


In your everyday life, you don’t want to be thinking too hard about what clothes you’re going to wear to run your daily errands. I personally swear by the shirt/jeans combo! It’s simple, yet versatile and gives you an elevated yet casual appearance in no time! A pair of straight white jeans is an absolute must for every woman’s closet regardless of age! If you have a long day planned ahead of you, and you need an outfit that you can easily transition from daytime to nighttime with, a silk shirt will never let you down! Pair with a few stacked necklaces, comfortable white sneakers, and a matching handbag, and you’re good to go!

Styling a Baggy Shirt with a Colorful Pattern

oversized white linen pants baggy pattern shirt leather slides simple casual outfit idea women over 70

Pattern shirts are incredibly flattering for women over 70! They give you a vibrant and youthful appearance and allow your true personality to shine through your clothes! When it comes to styling patterns, I always suggest picking two colors from that piece of clothing –  one neutral, one contrasting (or “statement” color). With the neutral color, in this case, that’s white, you’re going to build the base of your outfit. If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, use the neutral color for your pants, overcoat, and complementary jewelry. The statement color, in this case – blue, is used in your accessories. That would be shoes, a bag, a hat, and a scarf.

Monochromatic Outfit Paired with a Colorful Accessory

casual outfit women over 70 brown baggy pants v neck sweater contrasting pattern scarf grece ghanem

Grece Ghanem is undeniably the current 70+ fashion icon that all generations are looking up to!  Here we have a masterclass on turning a simple monochromatic look into a fashionable and elegant street-style outfit. For ultimate comfort during the day, choose a pair of pants with a wide-leg fit. The baggy V-neck sweater with a slightly cropped fit will give you a modern and youthful appearance. The monochromatic look will create a coherence between the two pieces that exudes class and maturity. Now, the fun part – accessories! Choosing a scarf or a hat in analogous colors to the ones in your outfit will really help complete your look! You can even choose a colorful pattern that contains some of those colors to help bring your casual outfit up a notch!

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How to Rock a Suit Vest at 70?

casual outfit ideas women over 70 black baggy pants vest sneakers big leather handbag sunglases

With the skyrocketing popularity of “old money” fashion, suit vests became one of the biggest trends of the year! While you’ve probably been seeing predominantly Gen Z’s rocking this trend, it would suit just as well a woman of any age! Here we have a stunning example of a black single-button vest paired with baggy high-waisted pants. What gives this outfit a youthful appearance is definitely the pair of sneakers peeking through the wide legs of the pants. To style it up and make it more age-appropriate, you can add a few stacked necklaces and a big structured leather bag in a contrasting color.

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Business Casual Outfit for Women Over 70

business casual clothes women over 70 linen baggy suit platform sneakers chunky jewelry

I’m one of those people who believe that there is a suit for every occasion! They’re the perfect choice for when you want to create a quick and elegant outfit with minimal effort. The key hides in two elements – the fabric and the cut. For casual day-to-day wear, I suggest choosing a suit from a less restricting fabric such as cotton or linen. As for the silhouette, a loose fit with cropped pants and a baggy blazer will give you the ultimate effortlessly chic and comfortable appearance! Style with a pair of white sneakers, a matching t-shirt, and a chunky necklace, and you’re ready to go!

More Casual Outfits for Women Over 70

bsuiness casual outfit women over 70 beige blazer black pants navy blue pattern shirt gold jewelry

Baggy Cropped Linen Pants with a Loose Long Shirt, Sneakers, and Big Leather Purse 

baggy linen shirt beige pants white sneakers big leather handbag casual outfit ideas women over 70

Elegant Casual Monochromatic Outfit with a Kimono Statement Piece

elegant casual clothes ideas women over 70 street style kimono outfit

Elevate a Simple Outfit with an Animal Print Scarf and Metallic Loafers 

casual outfit ideas women over 70 oattern scarf metallic shoes summer fall fashion 2023

Cropped Baggy White Linen Pants, Polka Dot Shirt, and Tote Bag for a Casual Summer Outfit

white baggy cropped pants polkat dot shirt cotton tote bag casual fashion women over 70

“Old Money” Casual Outfit for Women Over 70

trendy casual clothes women over 70 summer fall 2023

Classic Oversized White Shirt Tucked into Beige Chino Pants Paired with Gold Jewelry

daily casual outfits women over 70 old money fashion baggy white shirt straight beige pants gold jewelry

Monochromatic Gray Outfit with Accent Vertical Stripes Trousers 

striped pants white golden goose sneakers long cardigan minimalist monochromatic casual outfit women over 70

Create a Casual Street Style Outfit with Classic Cargo Pants and a Baggy Bold Pattern Blouse 

green cargo pants baggy colorful pattern blouse sunglasses slicked back hair

Create a Monochromatic Look with a Knitted Skirt, Linen Shirt and Pearl Earrings

casual outfit ideas women over 70 long knitted skirt tucked in beige shirt pearl earrings

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