Cat proof garden ideas – keep your pets inside your backyard

by Kremy

cat proof garden ideas cat fence protective garden fence

Cat proof garden ideas work in two directions – if you want to keep the cats out of your yard or if you want to keep your pet inside your yard. Either way, a cat fence is the solution to either keep the intruders out or the keep your cats in, especially if you live near a busy road and you worry for the cat safety.


Cat proof garden ideas – why do you need a cat fence?


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There is a theory that cats will not climb a reverse overhang. However domestic cats often spend time outdoors keeping company to their owners or just enjoying fresh air and natural environment. A conventional garden fence is not a big obstacle and cats can easily escape from the yard. Many pet owners have reasonable concerns that their favourite cat could be hit by a car, attacked by other cats or dogs or other animals, or even picked up by the animal control service. In case that your cat keeps jumping the fence, bothers your neighbours or you are concerned for the safety of your beloved pet, these cat proof garden ideas would be most welcome.

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There is a number of benefits for you if you opt for a cat fence. On the first place you will be calmer for the safety of your pets. Second, you can cat proof your garden at a reasonable cost by attaching a cat fence to the existing garden fence. Most manufacturers offer cat fences which are easy to install and blend quite well with the surroundings so the exterior design of you backyard will not suffer from the additional fence.


Cat proof garden ideas – an effective and secure enclosure


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An electric fence is out of the question, as we all support the humane approach much more than causing pain to animals. The market offers spikes which will keep unwanted cats away from your garden and they can be installed on walls, balconies and solid fences.

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The spikes are designed in a way that they will not hurt the cats but will cause them a discomfort. The spikes are made of plastic and are flexible, which means that they will be effective without causing injuries. Spikes are easy to install and the length can be easily adjusted and cut to the desired size.

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One of the most popular cat proof garden ideas is installing an overhead flexible netting which will stop the cats from climbing over fences. The net can be installed on any type of fence – wood, PVC, masonry, wire, etc. The net barrier is attached to a certain angle on the existing fence which cats cannot climb.


A third option is a free standing fence, which is suitable for areas without an existing fence. You can find special cat fence kits on the market which include posts, arms and wire. If you are a fan of DIY projects, you could install the cat fence by yourself or hire a handyman for the task.

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