The Most Funny Cat Videos & Memes You Will Find on the Net

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Ah… Monday again. Nobody likes Mondays, do they? The blissful weekend is over, and you have to get back to reality again, and reality always involves work. But I know a way to quickly brighten your mood… I am talking funny cat videos and memes! Nothing really gets your spirits up faster than watching these small, cute, and silly animals get into trouble or just lying around, being adorable as they always are. I myself have a cute little furry roommate back at home, and these videos and memes are even funnier for me as they are 100% accurate for what it’s like living with a cat. Just see for yourselves!

Funny Cat Videos & Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Everything is always better when it’s shared with those we cherish most. So be sure to send some of these funny cat memes and videos to your friends, coworkers, and family, so they can also have a few laughs. Here at, we have picked out some of the best ones on the internet, that had us falling-out-of-our-chairs with laughter in the office. Let’s review them!

The Most Funny Cat Memes

funny cat videos

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” is the first thing that comes to my mind when I found this meme. I am so glad I finally have the opportunity to share it with you, as it has been sitting on my desktop for days. Luckily, I don’t think my cat is this creative when it comes to covering his tracks, so I hope that I can evade a similar situation in my future…

funny cat and dog videos

Next time my bestie sends me 7 3-minite long voice messages, explaining to me the drama she got herself in again, I will gladly send her this disapproving kitten. It’s perfect for the occasion, wouldn’t you say?

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Another adorable cat meme that I’ve had in my saved images for weeks now. A friend of mine was once in a similar situation. His black cat ran away, only for his mom to find it later in their neighbourhood. Months later, the mother found their real cat laying in the backyard of some different owners. Well, at least they have a new black cat now, and the previous one looked happy.

cat memes pictures

I envy everyone who has taught their cat to stay off the dining table or counter. My mom and I have tried to do it ever since we first brought the little furry monster home, but nothing works. What’s the secret to it?

cat meme

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there for my cat’s birthday, so I didn’t manage to do this. But I think the idea is great! I guess nothing gets these little troublemakers going like pushing around different objects from surfaces. Every time before I go to bed…

funny cats

I know to which friend I am sending this one… Don’t we all have that one, or sometimes even more than one, peer that we always get into the most intensive arguments with? I am sure they will appreciate with funny cat meme. Or maybe it will give you something more to argue about, haha.

cat memes

Can’t say I haven’t done this. After a few drinks with the girls, you get back home, and you find your little fluffy monster staring at you with their big curious eyes. How can you not give it a few kisses? Sometime maybe even a few too much…

cat memes youtube

If Jimmy (my cat’s name) could share memes, he would gladly share this one. But you know, after years of living with a cat, sometimes you don’t even care if it will claw you. You just want to hug that little ungrateful rascal no matter what. You feel me?

funny cat meme

Ah, my other “favourite” thing about living with a cat, besides the pushing of random objects. I actually lock the room of my door now, because there is no way for me to sleep with Jimmy constantly running around at 5 in the morning. Also, a tip from me, sleep with earplugs!

cats memes that will make you laugh

Yeah, it is! Nothing wrong with being a little fluffy. What was the saying…there is more to love? Well, a fluffy cat is a happy one. But still, sometimes it’s better to lay off on the nighttime treats.

The Best Funny Cat Videos

I think you will love this awesome, funny cat video. Personally, I love everything that FailArmy has to offer. These cats are just hilarious!

I actually found this one when I saw my little niece yesterday. She begged her father (my brother) to put it one for her. It’s a super funny and cute kid-friendly cat video.

One more for the road. This funny cat video is even shorter than the previous ones if you are looking for to have a fast laugh, and it also features puppies! What more could you want?




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