How to Build a Home Fitness? – 3 Clever DIY Items and Must-Have Accessories for Any Budget

by Stephanie Yankova

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve promised myself that I will start going to the gym and gave up not long after my first few sessions. It wasn’t due to a lack of motivation but rather the overwhelming feeling I got in the public gym. It also took me way too long to travel back and forth. As someone who works full-time, I simply didn’t have that much time to spare during the week. If any of this resonates with you, you’re going to love what I’m going to share with you next! I realized that what I need is a home fitness! The downside – it can be quite expensive to build one. You know what people say – If there’s a will, there’s a way! That’s why I decided to put together a DIY home fitness guide for all my gym enthusiasts out there! Here’s everything you need to buy and build for a full-body at-home workout!

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What Equipment Should I Get for My Home Fitness?

A good fitness plan should include exercises for strength, flexibility, and balance. For arms and shoulders exercises it’s good to have some weights and resistance bands. Treadmills and rowing machines are great for leg workouts. To train your back, chest, and abdomen consider getting a weight bench, as it allows for a big variety of exercises.

How to Build Home Fitness Equipment on a Budget?

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One of the first things you need to consider before building your at-home fitness is what’s a worthy long-term investment, and what’s something that you can save up on by making it yourself. This can be difficult to do for those of you who are just now starting your fitness journey, but don’t fret – I’ve done all the research for you! Here’s everything you need in order to build a budget-friendly home gym.

DIY Home Fitness Pull-Up Bar

diy chin up pull up wooden bar adjustbale without doorway


This DIY pull-up bar is a great multipurpose workout station that you can build at home in only 9 steps. Here are all the tools and materials you’ll need:


  • 5-inch (12.7 cm) random orbit sander
  • stud scanner (optional)
  • 7 1/4 (approx. 18 cm) blade circular saw
  • drill kit


  • 3.5” (8.9 cm) and 5.5” (13.97 cm)screws
  • 5-ply softwood plywood
  • 2×4 (61×122 cm) and 2×6 (61×183 cm) plywood sheets
  • construction adhesive
  • iron pipe fittings or a thick round wooden stick (for the pull-ups)

Find instructions on how to build the pull-up bar construction in the video below.

DIY Dumbbells

diy dumbbells home fitness equipment ideas cheap on a budget

One of the most universal items everybody needs for a full body workout is dumbbells, or any other kind of weights. They’re great for strength training and can give you pretty much the same results as a bigger fitness machine. There are usually varieties of dumbbells in different shapes and weights depending on the person’s capabilities and exercises. The downside is that if you want to use them for a well-rounded workout, you’ll have to invest in a couple of weight varieties, which is quite pricey. This is why we’ve found this excellent video that shows you how to make 5 different kinds of weights at home depending on the exercise you’ll be using them for.

DIY Resistance Band Platform

Another great alternative to gym equipment is resistance bands. If you’re new to this workout accessory, prepare yourself to be blown away by its incredible efficiency! These bands are usually color coded depending on the level of resistance. What’s great about them is that they target all muscle groups which makes them ideal for upper and lower-body workouts. In order to make the most of their full potential it’s good to have a solid surface where you can attach them, especially when you’re training your biceps, chest, and shoulders. Take a look at the video above to learn how to build a simple resistance band platform that you can take everywhere with you and take your strength workouts to the next level. Here’s what you’re going to need for the building process:

  • 3 wall anchors
  • a 24” x 48” (61×122 cm) OSB or plywood board with 7/16 (approx. 15 cm) cut into 8×42 and 16×42
  • 2 pieces of 2-inch x 4-inch (5×10 cm) lumber at 42” (106 cm) length
  • 15.5”x41.5” (39.3×105.4 cm) yoga mat
  • carpet mat
  • gorilla tape
  • carpet tape

More Home Fitness Accessories

fitness ball resistance band yoga mat big mirror home gym workout items

Now that we’ve learned how to DIY some of the essential home gym equipment, it’s time to take a look at a few workout accessories that will diversify your exercises even more! What’s great about those little items is that you can use them anywhere, so you can bring your fitness from the garage to the bedroom, living room, or even the backyard. Keep scrolling to see what they are!

Weight Bench

weight bench dumbbell home fitness workout accessories practical equipment

Weight benches are an investment you definitely won’t regret in the long run! They’re not only suitable for varieties of workouts but are also compact, so they’re easy to move around and store.

Exercise Ball

athletic woman home fitness yoga ball workout accessories simple equipment

If you’ve ever wondered why every other person owns one of these, here’s the reason. The exercise balls, also known as physio or yoga balls, are your best friend when it comes to core-strengthening exercises. It can also be used for Pilates, and resistance exercises and improves your sense of balance.

Jumping Rope

woman working out jumping rope home fitness gym accessories

Jumping rope is probably the most fun way to get some cardio into your workout regime. It not only builds up your stamina but also strengthens all of your body muscles. And the best part? It helps you burn calories like a beast! You can burn up to 200 calories only by jumping rope for 25-30 minutes!


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