Stunning charred wood furniture design by Yaroslav Galant

by Kremy

Charred wood design effect Yaroslav Galant

Would you ever think of setting your furniture on fire in order to make it look better? Most people would think this is the weirdest idea. Well, looking at what Yaroslav Galant has created the idea does not seem so weird at all. This young Ukrainian designer is pushing the boundaries of design and is showing us an amazing charred wood furniture design.

Charred wood furniture design – a gorgeous mirrored dressing table

innovative charred wood furniture design ideas mirrored dressing table Yaroslav Galant


Yaroslav Galant has undoubtedly quite an innovative approach in creating this charred wood furniture design. Being a part of his collection “Born 2B Burn” this mirrored dressing table was meant to be burned. How does it work? Charring the frame is where it all begins – the designer invented and patented a method for charring the material at temperature at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! Thus the wood is exposed to extreme heat for a short time and in the process the wooden frame’s outer levels are being charred but the core is preserved. During the process of burning the surface is carbonized and receives the desired color and texture.

Creativity and innovation in creating the charred wood furniture design

creative charred wood furniture design dressing table Yaroslav Galant

Once the burnt frame has cooled, the designer treats the wood with a patented substance, invented by himself – epioftonol – which impregnates the material and then it is left to crystalize, a process that may last from a week to a month. It is the amount and concentration of this same substance that adjusts the color and texture of each piece. Once the vanity table reaches the desired look, it is varnished and thus receives the final touches. The charred wood furniture design can be crafted in any style. The designer chose to create a classic looking dressing table but it is our belief that this technique will be fantastic for contemporary designs as well.

Yaroslav Galant charred wood furniture design

unusual furniture design ideas Yaroslav Galant charred wood


charred wood furniture idea Yaroslav Galant

charred wood effect furniture design Yaroslav Galant

amazing furniture design ideas charred wood



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