Chin length hairstyles in fall: they are ideal not only for styling, but also for hair care

by Kremy

As the season changes, so does our wardrobe, style and mood. And since summer has dried out our hair, chin length hairstyles are perfect for fall to refresh our look. They are also preferable for the cool season for other reasons. Find out what they are and what are the most stylish chin length hairstyle suggestions for fall 2022.

Why chin length hairstyles are preferable in fall?

Why chin length hairstyles are a good idea in fall

Swedish researchers have proven that most hair loss occurs in fall. The scientists studied the lives of 823 women for more than 6 years and found that September is the month of the year when they lose the most hair, followed by October and November.

What is the life cycle of hair?

What causes fall hair loss


First of all, it is perfectly normal to lose a little hair every day. However, it is important to distinguish between normal hair loss and the type of hair loss that needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming permanent.

A human hair grows for about 3 to 6 years. Under normal conditions, 90% of our hair grows (anagen phase) while the other 10% rests between 2 and 6 months (catagen phase) before falling out (telogen phase). Our hair follicles rest for 3 months before the whole process repeats itself.

According to the Swedish study, the women observed had the highest proportion of dormant hair in midsummer, with the catagen phase ending in most cases after two months, i.e. in early September.

What causes seasonal hair loss?

One of the causes of this loss is that our body holds onto the hair to protect the scalp from the harsh summer sun and high temperatures. This accelerates the transition of the hair from one phase to another, so that the telogen phase begins earlier. This process of hair renewal affects both men and women. You shouldn’t worry as long as it’s natural hair regeneration because that affects everyone, but you have to be careful if the hair loss is excessive because it could be a sign of a serious non-seasonal problem.

What can you do about it?

If you experience unusually severe hair loss and your hair does not grow back after a period of time, you need to take steps to treat and regenerate the lost hair. That’s why you need to start taking care of your hair as early as September to prevent it from becoming weak and to be in optimal condition during the winter. One option is to cut your hair. So, if you have long hair, chin length fall hairstyles are a good way to care for your mane. They are also suitable for every face shape, hair structure and age.

The most beautiful chin length hairstyles in fall

Chin length hairstyles in fall have a great advantage. Offering a wide range of styling options, they can be easily adjusted to suit every woman’s needs and lifestyle. These photos are a good way to find out what you like and don’t like.

Center-parted bob with bangs is ideal for fall

Chin length bob hairstyles are ideal for fall

Chin Length Brown Bob Hairstyles: This hairstyle is simple but far from boring, especially if you have straight, frizzy hair. You can spice up your chin length bob by choosing one of the best hair colors for short hair. Balayage and ombre are very popular in fall. Then add bangs to keep your hair from looking boring.

Chin-length hairstyle with bangs and layers

The curly bob for round faces is a trend that is catching on

The layered bob for round faces is a trend that is catching on! Your stylist can contour around your face shape with detailed layers and textures. The styling is minimal with a hair dryer and a round brush and is finished with a structure spray and paste.

Layered Bob with Bangs – See some elegant variations here!

Asymmetrical waves for fine hair

chin length fall hairdo for fine hair

This chin length hairstyle for fall is ideal for fine hair that needs more volume. In addition, the waves soften the jawline and suit every face shape. The loosely shaped waves add length to the front and sides and are short in the back.

Hairstyles for chin length hair in autumn – layered bob for more volume

Short bobs with layers for women who want more volume at the crown

Short bobs with layers are ideal for women who want more volume at the crown. Consider a layered bob if you want a great hairstyle but don’t want to spend too much time for styling. You can simply blow dry the hair with a round brush for a full volume effect, leave it in its natural texture or flat iron it for a sleek look.

Short haircut with side bangs for oval & oblong faces

This chin length hairstyle with bangs is perfect for women who want to keep texture

This chin length hair style with bangs is perfect for the ladies who want to keep their hair short and light but with texture at the ends. Choppy, chin length hairstyles suit oval or oblong face shapes. So avoid these if your face is round as it can make it appear even rounder.

Hairstyles for Chin Length Hair in Fall – Razor Cut Bob

 razor cut bob for fine hair

Chin Length Hair with Bangs – If you have fine, straight hair, try a razor cut bob. Shaved bob hairstyles with layers look vibrant and effortless. Style the hairdo with a texturizing cream or beach spray for the perfect unkempt finish.

What other hair trends and hair colors will dominate fall 2022? Find out here!



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