Christening decorations and party theme ideas for your big event

by Kremy

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For Christians, the Christening ceremony of the baby is a big event and one of the first important moments of the baby’s life. Having in mind that it only happens once in a lifetime, you should think of proper Christening decorations and party theme ideas which will create unforgettable memories.


Christening decorations – ideas for a very special party


Decorating ideas for christening party table decorations


When you start planning this event, you have to realize the importance of the moment. Christians believe that the moment of Christening is the moment when a person fully belongs to Christ. After the ceremony, the parents of the christened child throw a party and these parties need special Christening decorations which makes them a bit different from birthday parties as the main idea is to express the feeling of gratitude for the christening and thanks to God. It is very important to keep the decorations relatively simple and not overdo and ruin the significance of the occasion. The market offers a wide variety of specially themed ideas and you have to make sure that your decor is not too crowded.


How to choose the right decorations?


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When you plan this special ceremony and event, you need to start with the colors. You can choose blue or pink for a boy or girl or white, which symbolizes purity. For girl’s party you can choose butterflies or fairies, teddy bear or a boat for a boy, balloons, white doves and angels which are suitable for both boys and girls. Keep in mind that the ceremony is a religious activity, so cross themed Christening decorations are quite appropriate. Window or wall banners, string decorations, balloons or small lanterns are an excellent idea. Table decor or small centerpieces will be visible and will add to the special atmosphere. Order a cake which will be specially made for the party.



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