How to choose a clawfoot tub faucet – bathroom design and decor ideas

by Kremy

Floor mount bathroom faucet free standing clawfoot bath tub

 When it comes to bathroom design, clawfoot tub bathroom ideas are an immediate eye catcher as they stand gracefully and emit nobility. Choosing the right clawfoot tub faucet is essential if you do not want to ruin the look of the bathroom. There are many options – beautiful, practical, stylish as well as space saving which will complement not only the bathtub but the overall style of the bathroom. As far as materials are concerned – chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, antique bronze, or basic white or black – the choice is quite big.

Floor mount clawfoot tub faucet – combining style and function

floor mount clawfoot tub faucet slipper clawfoot tub bathroom design


The greatest advantage of clawfoot tubs is that they give you a great design freedom and can be placed anywhere you wish – in the center of the bathroom, in a niche, in the corner, even on a podium. A floor mount clawfoot tub faucet typically has exposed pipes and rises above the rim of the bathtub. When you choose the floor mount option, make sure that the design of the faucet blends with the overall design as it is visible and should be in harmony with the rest of the bathroom interior.

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Wall-mount clawfoot tub faucet

modern clawfoot tub faucet wall mounted tub filler design ideas

Choosing a wall-mount clawfoot tub faucet is the most practical and space saving option, suitable for both large and small bathrooms. It is especially suitable when the bathtub is placed against a wall and will allow you to add a stylish faucet without losing any of the valuable space. You can mount the faucet at the desired height – lower or higher on the wall, so that it is convenient for you.

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Deck or rim mounted clawfoot bathtub faucets

how to choose rim mount faucet design

Deck or rim mounted clawfoot tub faucets are mounted on the rim of the bathtub. They are offered with one or two handles and you can choose from a variety of models in different styles. Tub mounted faucets are the most popular type and they are quite an affordable option. If that is your choice you need to make sure that the bathtub has pre-drilled holes for mounting.

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