20 Amazing Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas for the Best 2023 Celebration

by Kristiyana

Do you know which historical event is celebrated on the 5ht of May? On this date, every Mexican commemorates the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire which happened in 1862, at the battle of Puebla. In Mexico, the celebration is known as “Cinco de Mayo”(Spanish for “Fifth of May”) and to honour this important event people attend organized parades, listen to festive Mexican music and prepare traditional Mexican foods and beverages. Want to organize a celebration of your own for the 5th of May that everyone will remember? Find 20 amazing Cinco de Mayo party ideas now!

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas 2023

cinco de mayo party decor

So you want to organize the best Cinco de Mayo party? We at Deavita.net have got you covered for that, once again, with some outstanding Cinco de Mayo party ideas that we are sure you will enjoy. To throw a Mexican-style event that everybody will remember, you will need to focus on using as many bright colours and different patterns for your decorations as possible. Colourful food and drinks are also welcomed. Brush up on your DIY skills to create vibrant banners, garlands and centrepieces, and look up on traditional Mexican meals and cocktails to prepare for your guests. Are you ready for some inspirational ideas? Then let’s go!

Send Special Print Invites to Your Guests

cinco de mayo print invites


To let all your friends and family know about your Cinco de Mayo party 2023, sent out cool themed print invitations. I mean, yeah, email invites are easy. But if you want your guests to feel special and get them hyped up for the celebration, I think some creative DIY ideas will surely come in handy. Just like this cute invitation glued to a hot sauce bottle. Bring the bottle later for those tacos!

Serve Drinks in Intricate Colourful Glasses

cinco de mayo 2023 decorations

Instead of opting for numerous different glasses for beer, tequila and non-alcoholic beverages, make your Cinco de Mayo party even more special with beautiful and intricate glasses. This type of glasses would be perfect to serve what ever kind of drink you like, be it that margaritas or tequila sunrises. The colourful designs will fit right in with your vibrant themed decorations, don’t you think?

Opt for Tableware in Different Colours

colourful tableware

To make your party decor even more festive, switch up classic white plastic forks, spoons, knives, plates, and cups with such in vibrant colours that reflect your Cinco de Mayo theme. You can even have them all in green, white, and red to represent the Mexican flag. If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, opt for colourful sustainable tableware that can be reused.

Create a Cool Sombrero Centrepiece

sombrero centrepiece ideas

Liven up your Cinco de Mayo party this 2023 with a fun and delicious sombrero centre table piece! You can always just purchase a decorative one either from a shop or online, but why not create this tasty idea instead? All you need is a large sombrero, nachos, and the hot sauce from your invitations! Make sure the sombrero itself is clean before you pour in the nachos. Place in at the centre of your table, surrounded by all your other mouth-watering treats and drinks.

Set Up Festive Party Place Settings

cinco de mayo celebration ideas

Want to make your party even more interesting? Create fun and Mexican-style-inspired place settings for your guests. Display tiny sombreros onto each place, and leave a small piñata gift for everyone. Decorate your dining table with vibrant colours, mixing flowers, candles and different patterns to create a unique atmosphere.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas: DIY Banner

cinco de mayo party ideas

You can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo without a traditional Mexican banner now, can you? This colourful and beautiful garland is called a Papel picado, translating to perforated paper. It’s a traditional Mexican folk art which involves cutting out intricate patterns out of colourful tissue paper. How to create it yourself? Start by folding the tissue paper horizontally, and then fold it over again. Take a pair of scissors and cut out different shapes. You can first use a pencil to outline the shapes you want to cut out. Once you cut out enough patterns, unfold the paper.

Piñata Decoration for Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo decorations

Another must-have item that your Cinco de Mayo celebration can’t go without is a piñata. Piñatas are not only favoured by children, but by adults as well. For the 5th of May 2023, fill a cute and colourful piñata with different types of candy and other treats, and hang it from a tree or some other convenient place. Create a game out of it for your guests. You can buy a piñata from a party store, order one online, or even make it yourself.

Whip Up a Delicious Batch of Guacamole

cinco de mayo party food

I can’t tell you how much guacamole I have eaten in the last weeks… It’s just so good! A Cinco de Mayo celebration ain’t one without a chunky batch of mouth-watering guacamole. The basic ingredients you need are ripe avocados, peeled tomatoes, onions, garlic, lime juice and some hot spices. My personal recipe includes feta cheese and humus to make it even more chunky. Just make sure it’s the last thing you prepare before your party, as it quickly gets a brownish colour, so it has to be eaten with pace.

More Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas 2023

mexican banner ideas

Set up a make-your-own taco area

taco party ideas

Cute and festive place settings ideas

mexican table setting

Delicious nachos with guacamole table piece

cinco de mayo table decor

Different tequila drinks for all to enjoy

tequila cocktails ideas

Vase with colourful flowers centrepiece idea

mexican party decorations

Dress up in traditional Mexican clothing

  traditional mexican clothes


Hire a mariachi band for your party

cinco de mayo celebration

Dance salsa to Mexican-style music

salsa party ideas

Colourful Cinco de Mayo party ideas 

what do you have at a cinco de mayo party

Organize Cinco de Mayo games for your guests

what games are played at cinco de mayo


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