Contemporary kitchen appliances with artistic vision from Valcucine

by Kremy

contemporary kitchen appliances and furniture fridge black white pattern

You wish to update your kitchen? Then take a look at this exclusive design line. The Italian manufacturer Valcucine offers a new and artistic vision for the contemporary kitchen appliances design. The company is a world leader in terms of kitchen equipment and facilities and is revolutionizing the concept of “Kitchen Design” and here is their inspiring and creative solution.

Contemporary kitchen appliances design – the Artematica line

kitchen corner system stainless steel front shelves storage space


With the Artematica line Valcucine shows an exciting contemporary kitchen appliances design. Most designs are mainly playing with shapes and colors while this new line is focused on the various functions of a kitchen and the functionality of the kitchen utensils and their places.  Artematika is offering something more than a simple playful design and revision of forms and surfaces. It is offering the ultimate functionality.

Creating ambience with artistic and contemporary kitchen appliances design

Creative kitchen appliances design modern fridge front sideboard

This contemporary kitchen appliances design is showing how to bring art and style in our cooking space and keep the functionality at the same time. Kitchen cabinets, drawers and compartments are used for the intended purpose, but they are complemented by fold-out trays and sliding doors. These provide a handy space for the most used kitchen accessories. The integrated storage compartments allow an optimal use of kitchen space. The various elements of the Valcucine kitchen work as a whole. The surfaces are made of smooth stainless steel with square edges, reflect the light and create a homey atmosphere.

functional areas lighting solution Valcucine

functional design ideas stainless steel Valcucine


Stainless steel appliances

Contemporary design Valcucine Artematica line

 Ergonomic equipment

Italian contemporary appliances design Valcucine Artematica

Modern refrigerator design

kitchen appliances design equipment Valcucine stainless steel

fold-out storage compartments

Kitchen design ideas stainless steel front fridge modern wooden table

Big storage space

modern kitchen appliances Valcucine contemporary design Artematica inox

Stainless steel contemporary appliances design Valcucine Artematica

Valcucine Aartematica inox modern design concepts




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