Italian kitchen cabinets – modern and ergonomic kitchen designs

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contemporary kitchens italian kitchen cabinets minimalist design

Italian kitchen cabinets have become highly valued all over the world. Italians are known worldwide for their impeccable sense of style not only in fashion, but in furniture design. Italian kitchen cabinets manufacturers and designers create fascinating modern systems with impressive elegance. Top manufacturers attract famous designers and cooperate with them during the process of creating exclusive kitchens. Modern, with clean lines or inspired by the rustic charm of the Mediterranean, designs are always spectacular.

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets from Arclinea

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets Arclinea Convivum collection contemporary kitchen design


Modern Italian kitchen cabinets feature clean, simple lines which work with contemporary interior designs. The collections of Arclinea are a beautiful example of exceptional quality and functionality reflecting the trends of modern lifestyle. The collections provide numerous design options and configurations to satisfy every taste and reflect the personality of the homeowner. The importance of the kitchen as the heart of the home can be seen in every design. The overall impression is of pleasure, harmony and extraordinary luxe. With striking visual aesthetic, every collection has its own individuality, character and brilliant design. Colors, materials, innovative technology – you can find all that in Arclinea collections. Gamma, Convivum, Artusi, Lignum et Lapis feature different elements united by a common concept based on modern functionality.

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets Arclinea white kitchen cabinet fronts minimalist design

Italian kitchen cabinets Arclinea spatia contemporary kitchen

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets Arclinea modern kitchen

Modern Arclinea high quality

Modern cabinets Arclinea gamma contemporary kitchens

 cabinets Arclinea Gamma collection italian cabinetry

Arclinea contemporary kitchen furniture

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets Arclinea artusi collection

Italian kitchen cabinets from L’Ottocento – classic and modern style designs

Italian kitchen cabinets lottocento Cotton collection country kitchen

Italian kitchen cabinets from L’Ottocento are manufactured in two main lines – contemporary and classic – an excellent example of the artistic work of the brand. When you want to cook in a cozy kitchen with Mediterranean charm manufactured from high-quality materials, the exquisite luxury collections will give you the warmth of Tuscany and modern day quality. The classic collections of L’Ottocento – Floral, Monterey, Antiqua, Italia, Cotton – are designed with greatest attention to functionality and ergonomics and the visual appeal is absolutely stunning. Wood, glass and metal are combined to give a fascinating design and make you dream of warm sunny days by the sea. Excelsa collection is in dark wood tones and consists of a kitchen island, a kitchenette and open shelves, with a magnificent big black cooking island with curved legs while Italia and Cotton collections feature cabinets in light tones and accent colors that enhance the overall impression of rustic luxury.

lottocento Roveretto modern kitchen

The modern line is presented in several collections – Roveretto, Sam Cronos, Industrial, Canaletto – with the typical Italian style in kitchen design. Designed with a view of modern requirements of the customers, the open floor plan of contemporary homes these fantastic Italian cabinets create a smooth transition between the living area and the kitchen. Minimalist details, sleek surfaces, and clean lines are characteristic for modern designs and L’Ottocento’s collections express the modern time – seamless surfaces and streamlined look and at the same time warm and inviting atmosphere.

lottocento Canaletto collection kitchen furniture

 lottocento sam cronos contemporary kitchens

Italian kitchen cabinets lottocento Monterey collection retro cabinets

lottocento Italia collection awesome Mediterranean kitchen

 lottocento Industrial style design ideas

Italian kitchen cabinets lottocento Evita modern kitchen furniture ideas

lottocento classic style kitchens

Italian kitchen cabinets lottocento Antiqua collection rustic kicthen

Italian kitchen cabinets from Pedini – modern kitchens with trendy design

Italian kitchen cabinets Pedini Dune collection contemporary kitchen

Italian kitchen cabinets from Pedini are a complement to any kitchen. Modern, simple, clean, minimalist, designed with imagination and inspiration and a look into the future. The latest collections offer a look of refined luxury, spaciousness and clarity. Materika, Arts and Crafts, Eko, Integra, Dune, Vintage – each of these collections will be a perfect choice for any modern home. Whether you want a large kitchen with island and all the necessary equipment or a small kitchen system that does not require too much space – you will find it in the Pedini collections.

 Pedini Materika collection contemporary kitchen

Each kitchen by Pedini has its own distinctive style and can express your individuality and personality. You can use neutral and contrasting colors or different shades of color depending on your overall interior concept. The kitchen islands are equipped with practical cabinets and drawers. The island is not only a practical piece of furniture, but also a place where you can prepare delicious dishes or a gathering place for the family.

Pedini vintage collection white kitchen ideas

Italian kitchen cabinets Pedini Vintage collection mediterranean style

Pedini Integra collection unique kitchen

Pedini integra black and white kitchen

Italian cabinets Pedini Eko white

Italian cabinets Pedini eko collection minimalsit kitchen

Pedini Dune minimalist furniture ideas

Italian cabinets Pedini Arts Crafts rustic kitchen

contemporary kicthens Pedini Dune white

Exclusive Italian kitchen cabinets from Valcucine

Modern Italian cabients Valcucine sinetempore furniture

Italian kitchens from Valcucine are recognized worldwide as a synonym for quality, ergonomics and style. The systems are a result of detailed planning and a good feeling for style. Valcucine presents revolutionary kitchen systems which combine functionality, innovative design, technology and organization. Italian cabinets from Valcucine feature different materials, sophisticated and refined clean lines, modern finishes and exceptionally high quality. The latest collections – Genius Loci, Artematica, Forma Mentis, Riciclantica, Meccanica, Sinetempore are designed with different appearance yet each and everyone of them can meet the highest criteria for functionality and ergonomic design. The timeless elegance and the precision in craftsmanship express the Italian taste and best design concepts. Italian cabinets from Valcucine offer lacquered surfaces and metal laminates, contemporary silhouettes, durability, eco-tech finishes, innovative approach aimed to living in harmony with nature. When you look for a modular kitchen that can provide flexibility and meet your personal requirements for modern appearance, you can choose from Valcucine collections and create your dream kitchen which will witness the most valuable and precious moments with your family and friends.

Valcucine riciclantica minimalist

Modern Valcucine meccanica door system

Modern Italian kitchen cabients Valcucine Genius Loci exclusive kitchens

Modern Valcucine forma mentis modern

Modern Italian kitchen cabients Valcucine Artematica contemporary kitchens

Modern Italian cabients Valcucine Artematica collection

Contemporary Italian kitchen cabinets form Snaidero

Italian cabinets Snaidero Ola collection contemporary

Snaidero is one of the leading brands Italian designs that can satisfy every need of home chefs. Their modern kitchens offer the ultimate in convenience when cooking and are suitable for both large and small spaces. Snaidero is always looking for innovations and creative forms that would make the kitchen more functional and attractive. Refrigerators and appliances are built in the custom furniture – a stylish solution that is also space-saving. The open shelves make cooking much easier, because you have everything at hand. The shelves spice up the design by adding color accents. For those of you who prefer a less colorful but equally modern look, the kitchens are designed with cool stainless steel countertops and wooden fronts. The stainless steel countertops are easy to clean and shine so tempting as the granite never could. Snaidero places a great emphasis not only to the quality of materials and finishes, but also to the interesting shapes. Anyone can easily recognize the Ola kitchen island and the gentle curves at the center. The fact that a kitchen is modern does not mean only high-gloss and matte finishes. The noble wood look is found in many of the cabinets. Explore these beautiful, modern and sleek lines and you will admire this manufacturer for its amazing designs.

Snaidero wood stainless steel modern

Italian Snaidero white yellow design

Snaidero Ola collection white

Snaidero Ola collection Italian kitchens

 Snaidero compact design ideas

Minimalist kitchens – Italian kitchen cabinets form Boffi

Boffi xila high quality kitchens

Italian kitchen cabinets from Boffi are the perfect choice for the fans of minimalist kitchen design. An Italian kitchen from Boffi offers a minimalist, very attractive, luxurious and modern design, amazing purity, straight lines and monochrome color schemes which are typical for the minimalist design concept in general. Boffi offers a number of collections of kitchen systems in different versions – Aprile, Duemilaotto, Hide, K14, On/OFF, Open, Salinas, etc. One of the most recognizable collections – Xila – is one of the projects that take a new look at the luxurious modern design to highlight the beauty of natural materials. You will find beautiful wood surfaces as well as cabinets and elements made of stainless steel or stone – completely new solutions for countertops and dining area. On/OFF Boffi collection is also especially attractive and visually appealing. Italian cabinets designed by Boffi offer highly functional storage solutions, such as modern drawers, adjustable shelves with built-in lighting. Again, you can find hoods with innovative systems, wall units with open face and other details of modern furniture with a stylish look. The different versions that are available provide various design opportunities for interiors with exceptional visual aesthetics.

modern Italian cabinets Boffi xila white

modern Boffi Open italian cabinets

 Boffi on off collection minimalist kitchen

 Boffi onn off compact

 Boffi modern kitchen

Boffi LT contemporary kitchen

modern Italian kitchen cabinets Boffi Aprile white kitchen cabinets

Boffi aprile collection

Stylish Italian kitchen cabinets from Binova


Practical, compact and multifunctional, the cabinets from Binova allow you to create a dynamic space which is intended for more than cooking and cleaning. Binova’s kitchens provide storage space, elegant counters in a compact form, where comfort and functionality are the focus. Binova was founded 50 years ago and at the beginning the young creative team was very small. Nowadays, the furniture company is a large enterprise, which specializes in cabinets and has brought the compact small kitchen to the next level. The manufacturer has transformed the ordinary design in an original design. If this is a special room for you where you want to spend good times with your family, then you are ready for a Binova kitchen. Binova offers a rich portfolio where futuristic luxury kitchens and high-tech kitchen islands are no exception, but a rule. The main idea behind the use of technology is that the design corresponds to the modern lifestyle and contemporary interior. Ultramodern drawer systems and elegant fronts made of precious materials will work in harmony with the overall design. Built-in lighting ensures that everything you need for cooking, can be found quickly. Practical storage space and fantastic solid surfaces are a guarantee that you will be happy about your kitchen for a long time.

modern kitchen design modern Binova scava mood

modern- Binova mood collection

modern Italian cabinets Binova minimalist kitchen

Modern Binova bluna collection minimalist kitchen ideas

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