How to Get Cowboy Copper Hair at Home? – The Best Formula for the It-Color of 2023/24!

by Stephanie Yankova

During the recent Chanel Metiers D’Art Show, which took place in Manchester, there was one particular look that stood out, and it wasn’t from the runway! Arguably one of the most rebellious Karl Lagerfeld muses and house ambassador, Kristen Stewart, debuted her uber punk and very on brand copper highlights, which immediately drew the attention of the media! We’re no strangers to the warm, rusty tones that made a noticeable appearance during the fall, but their season is just starting!

I hope you’re feeling adventurous, because we’re about to show you how to achieve the trendiest cowboy copper hair at home, just in time for the Holidays!

kristen stewart chanel metiers d'art show manchester 2023 new cowboy copper hair color

What Hair Color is “Cowboy Copper”?

Unlike the bright and soft auburn that we enjoyed so much during the fall, cowboy copper has a lot more depth and richness. What sets the cowboy copper apart from the classic true copper shade is the extra brown that adds more warmth.

Can Brunettes go Cowboy Copper?

If you are a natural brunette, you can easily adopt the copper hair color without using bleach. However, if your hair is colored, you will need to use a developer to lift a little bit of the color. To successfully achieve the desired shade, it’s important for your hair to have red or gold tones, so we suggest you use a low volume developer, no higher than 20.

How About Blondes?

blond to cowboy copper hair coloring 2023

If you are tinting back from blond, it’s good to start with a gloss, which will help enhance the color and make it last longer. This is important because first, red lifts off blond quite easily, and second, you want to avoid the dark brown pigment turning orange.

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How Do You Make Cowboy Copper Hair at Home?

how to get cowboy copper hair at home formula

The formula for cowboy copper hair is pretty straightforward, however, you need to be precise about the shade picks and proportions, otherwise, you may end up with an unflattering brassy tone. As you can see in the image above, this color has been applied to previously dyed dark hair. If you want to achieve this shadow root effect, the easiest way is to dye the hair in sections using a brush. Here’s the formulation:

  • Start by applying a Redken Flash Lift bonder.
  • Mix Redken hair dyes No. SEQ 06RB and 06CB
  • Apply generously all over the hair strands pre-treated with the developer.

For lighter ends, mix SEQ 08C + 07CC + 06AA.

natural brown to cowbow copper hair at home dye

If your hair hasn’t been previously dyed, a perfect budget-friendly alternative to the Redken products is the L’Oréal INOA series. Combine the following shades for a salon-worthy color match:

  • For the roots: 10g. 6.46 + 10. 6.4 + 20g. 7
  • For the ends: 6.46 + 7.43

If your natural hair is too dark, and you would like to lighten it with 1 or 2 shades before applying the dye, add 20 vol. developer to each color mixture.

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