Super cool DIY wreath storage ideas to keep your decoration organized

by Kremy

Christmas decorations storage closet hangers

Holiday decoration is one of the best things, along with family gatherings and spending time together with your closest people. But after the holiday we have to take down the decoration and sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to keep it until next year. We have selected some creative, inexpensive and super cool wreath storage ideas which will help you keep them organized and safe until next year.

Wreath storage ideas – practical tips and hints

cheap and easy wreath storage and organization


When it comes to wreath storage ideas, the first that comes to mind are bags and boxes. It is true, these are very useful and allow you to keep the good look of your decoration. Holiday decoration requires care and attention, especially if you have vintage ornaments, crystal or glass tree decoration. Even your DIY decorations need to be stored, after all you have put a lot of imagination, and creativity and time to craft them. How to stay organized and avoid mess? What is the best way to store wreaths, garlands, ornaments? Here are some useful and practical tips to help you:

Before storing your decor, it will be a good idea to discarding all chipped or broken pieces or items that you no longer want. You can donate or recycle old or not working decorations and keep only items that you love and what is really needed.

Another useful tip for you is to avoid storing the pieces in their original packaging, as these can be super bulky and consequently take up more space.

Separate your decorations for each holiday. Make sure all your Easter, Halloween, Christmas or summer pieces and items are divided. Invest in large boxes and containers and add labels, identifying what is stored in them so that you can quickly and easily find the decoration that you need. Many stores offer transparent plastic containers and besides the label you will easily see what is inside it. For example, you can use one container as wreath storage, another one for garlands or lights, you can use smaller boxes to arrange your Easter and Christmas tree ornaments by color, etc. Store your boxes and containers on shelves, cabinets, you can use the attic or the garage as a place to keep your containers and wait for future holidays.


Creative and easy DIY wreath storage ideas

how to store and preserve decorations hanging storage bags

As good as boxes and containers are, they may not be the best choice for people who have limited space and need alternative wreath storage ideas. It is true, wreaths are large and require more space. In addition, you’d want them to keep their shape and protect them from dust, moisture, bugs or anything else that may damage them and ruin their appearance.

Having in mind that wreaths, as well as garlands and Christmas stockings, are meant to be hung, this is the best way to store them, right? You can use an old clothes rack, if you have one available and place it in the corner of the garage or the attic.

Another cheap option is to use an expandable hanging bar or craft a rod and hooks. This will give you a lot of storage space and your wreaths will be arranged compactly. Just wrap the wreaths with dry cleaners bags to keep dust away.

Look at the photos below for some really great wreath storage solutions!


wreath storage in clothes bags cheap and easy DIY ideas

Wreath storage bag to keep decorations

plastic storage container holiday wreath storage ideas

how to store christmas decorations DIY wreath storage ideas

How to organize wreaths and store decorations

DIY wall hangers for storing wreaths

creative DIY wreath storage ideas to organize your decorations

creative cheap and easy DIY wreath storage in closet

cool and easy DIY wreath storage ideas clothes rack



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