Creative Pedicure Designs 2023 – 15 Stunning Toe Nail Art Ideas You Must Try This Summer!

by Stephanie Yankova

Amber alert – your next pedicure appointment is due and you have no idea what design to get! You’ve done the neons, the French tips, the ombre, so what else is there to try? We’ve got you, girl! Here’s a selection of our favorite creative pedicure designs that are too good not to try! 

Creative Pedicure Designs 2023

orange leopard print pedicure design idea summer 2023

Has it even been summer if you don’t give the animal print trend a try at least once? This stunning combination of neon orange toes with a matching white and orange leopard print on the big toe is definitely a moment! It’s bold, quirky and guaranteed to make your toes pop on your sunkissed tanned skin!

Colorful Azulejo Tiles Pedicure Design

colorful azulejo tiles decorations pedicure design summer 2023


If your nail artist is skilled in painting on nails, this design is one I’d be jealous to see on anyone’s feet! 2023 is the year of European summer, so what better way to pay homage to it than a set of Portuguese Azulejo tiles? They’re a real eye candy and a colorful feast for the senses!

Iridescent Metallic Mermaid Pedicure

mermaid toe nails metallic pedicure design ideas 2023

I’m someone who loves a little sparkle on their toes and this pedicure design is right on the money! This metallic mermaid-like pedicure looks flawless as the sun hits it from different angles! It’s subtle, yet colorful and absolutely magnetic!

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Ocean-Inspired Pedicure Design

ocean pedicure design gold leaf decorations toe nail ideas 2023

If you want to carry the ocean with you everywhere you go, this pedicure design is for you! The deep shades of blue in combination with the contrasting white and subtle gold leaf decorations reminiscent of sand are mesmerizing! This pedicure is definitely one you would want to capture in every single one of your vacation shots!

Pastel Mismatched Ombre Pedicure with Glitter Elements

pastel multicolor glitter ombre pedicure design 2023

The ombre design is an absolute classic when it comes to summer pedicures. This one, however, is done with pastel colors which makes it ideal for summer/fall transitional months. You still get that striking pop of color without it being too bold and eye-catching! You can spruce it up a little by subtly incorporating glitter flakes into the ombre!

Neon Orange Double French Tips

double french orange toe nails milky white base creative pedicure designs 2023

The French pedicure is a timeless classic that’s suitable for every season! Give it a little twist this summer with a bold neon orange nail polish and a double half-moon design!

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More Creative Pedicure Designs to Try in 2023

orange pedicure glitter reverse french toe nails design idea summer 2023

Bold Pink Pedicure with Multishade Vertical Stripes Decoration 

pink vertical stripes cute ctreative pedicure summer design idea 2023

Purple Pedicure with Tropical Flowers Decorations

purple floral toe nail design creative pedicure ideas 2023

Subtle Milky White Pedicure with Abstract Blue Wavy Lines

milky white toe nails blue curves abstract creative pedicure design summer 2023

Simple Mismatched Black and Red Pedicure Design Idea

mismatched black red toe nail creative design idea

Neon Yellow Pedicure with Small Black Polka Dots 

neon yellow polka dot creative summer pedicure design

Neon Orange Pedicure with White Boho Pattern Decorations

orange boho pattern summer creative toe nail design idea 2023

Matte Neon Coral Color Pedicure with Abstract Brush Stroke Design

abstract brush stroke decoration neon coral pedicure design

Abstract Color Block Pedicure Design in a 70s-Inspired Color Palette

creative abstract geometrical color block pedicure design pastel blue yellow black gold decorations

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