Custom cabinets – limitless design options to express your style

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Custom cabinets in kitchen design provide endless opportunities to create a dream kitchen and a place which expresses the individuality and the lifestyle of the homeowner. To many people cabinets are just boxes with shelves and drawers for storing food and equipment. There are other people who cherish the craftsman work, the unique designs, the high quality of materials and finishes and those are the ones who choose custom cabinetry. When you look at a kitchen design cabinets are usually the focal point and the first thing you notice in the kitchen furniture. The right cabinets for your kitchen have to be chosen with a lot of attention as this is a serious and significant investment which is made to last.

What are the benefits of custom cabinets?

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Custom cabinets offer a number of benefits and this is the main reason why people prefer custom kitchen cabinets or some for the bathroom. Some of these benefits are the high quality of materials, the utilization of available space which is of greatest significance, especially in limited areas, the limitless design options in terms of color, style, finishes and hardware. Quality custom cabinets give you an opportunity to personalize your kitchen and design it as per your individual taste and needs and you know that the attention to detail is going to be on a very high level. In addition, you property gets a higher value both aesthetically and financially.

Custom cabinets – flexibility and a distinctive look in your kitchen

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When wondering whether to choose custom cabinets or stock cabinets you have to weigh many factors before taking a final decision. It is a fact that stock cabinetry is offered in numerous options, but the main difference with custom kitchen cabinets is the quality. If you wished top quality kitchen cabinets, you need a custom cabinet maker. Of course, you need to understand that a custom cabinet maker is not necessarily a designer but he will work with you and your designer to create your dream kitchen and craft your unique custom cabinetry which will complement the interior design of your home.custom cabinets minimalist kitchen black

The starting point is the understanding that the cheaper cabinets from a store will hardly offer you a better value, durability and good construction. Stock cabinets are usually manufactured from particle board and the joints are glued, nailed or screwed. With custom cabinets you get solid wood, plywood and dovetail or dowel joints, which means the construction of the cabinets is much stronger. Prefab cabinets are manufactured in standard sizes and you may need to fill in gaps in the space. With custom cabinets – this problem does not exist.

Create your unique kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets

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Every one of us has an image of his dream kitchen in his head. Some people imagine a spacious Mediterranean kitchen, other are attracted to the warmth of rustic interiors or the clean lines of minimalist designs. When it comes to reality, sometimes people find out that either the space is limited or they cannot find good enough prefab cabinets to match their taste and requirements. Then custom cabinets are the way to go and you can choose anything – from the type of wood to the last finishing detail. Custom cabinets prove to be a more efficient option, as you can choose a height that is suitable for you and customize the elements that you want to have in your kitchen. For example, the standard height may be inconvenient for tall people and the constant bending causes them a back pain and vice versa – shorter people also experience difficulties when the height of the cabinets and countertops is not suitable.

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Custom cabinet doors make all the difference for the appearance and the overall visual appeal of your kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen on a budget, this could be the solution to achieve a high end look without the cost of a complete makeover. There are many door styles and the choice will be determined by the overall design concept so that you get a smooth and finished look. Modern cabinets with glossy surface, ornate cabinet doors or doors with carvings and molding decorations – there is plenty to choose from. The stain, the paint, the final finish of your cabinets will give your kitchen the final look. With custom cabinets you can choose a finish which will blend the cabinets in the overall interior or make them stand out.

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As you can see, choosing custom cabinets definitely pays off as they meet your own special needs and reflect your taste, individuality and personality.

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