Desert landscaping ideas – basic rules to design a great backyard

by Kremy

desert landscaping ideas house entry front yard landscape rocks

Desert landscaping ideas can be seen in many parts of the world and such landscapes have a unique and unusual beauty, especially to the eye used to lush greenery. Cacti, rocks and stones, a creative and original approach to landscape design can be inspiring to many homeowners who would like to have a beautiful front yard or a backyard retreat but do not know how to do it. Well, here is a great opportunity to accept a challenge and transform a bare backyard into a beautiful and picturesque outdoor place with the help of desert landscape ideas.

Desert landscaping ideas – the challenge to create a beautiful outdoor space

desert landscaping ideas front yard drought tolerant garden


The selection of desert landscaping ideas in the gallery below will help you cope with the challenge of insufficient water supply, high temperatures, dry air and hot winds. Desert landscapes can be really original despite the limitations and with some creativity you can have an amazing result and enjoy a fantastic outdoor area. Desert landscaping requires some skills, understanding and knowledge and you can hire professional landscape designers or use your imagination. There are many plants that are native to dry areas and easily survive drought conditions. Desert landscaping provides an opportunity to combine different elements – pool, firepit, paths, decorative rocks – with drought tolerant plants in a harmonious way and have an all year garden and outdoor living.

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design

Desert landscaping ideas start with a plan and a wish list. What do you want to have in your dry or stone garden? How do you imagine your backyard or front yard? Do you want to use your outdoor space for gatherings and parties or you prefer a tranquil place where you can relax? Do you plan to have a swimming pool? Drawing a sketch helps a lot to visualize your dream garden design. Mark the existing landscape elements – the fence, garden paths, paved patio area, swimming pool, etc.

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design

Consider the materials that you will need for your desert landscape. For example, some paving materials get too hot and are not convenient to walk barefoot while others handle high temperatures better. Choose your deck material and the pool deck, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Consider proper sunshade to provide the comfort of a shade over your outdoor dining area or lounge area, as well as some pool shading if you have or plan to have an outdoor pool.

desert backyard landscaping ideas garden paths cacti

Although desert landscaping is based on plants that do not require a lot of water it will be a good idea to foresee the irrigation system. A drip irrigation system is cost effective and an ideal option for drought tolerant landscaping.

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design backyard landscape

Think of outdoor furniture and how you will place it in the garden. You may need dining furniture, sun loungers or sunbeds, sun protection, lounge furniture – depending on the function that you plan for your outdoor space. Calculate your budget to see if you can have all the elements that you wish and you are ready to go!

Desert landscaping ideas – useful tips for plants and garden decoration

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design backyard front yard decoration

The main goal of desert landscaping is to create a pleasant outdoor place so that homeowners can enjoy quality time with their family and friends. Once the major landscape elements like swimming pool, paved patio area, paths, fireplace, etc. are designed, it is time to start thinking of plants and decoration options which will make your landscape unique with personalized touches. Experts in desert landscaping will give you useful advice, if you wished to consult with professionals. However, there are some basic rules and many desert landscaping ideas that will help you decide on plants and decor. It is recommended that you choose plants that are native to your environment and your region.

desert landscaping ideas garden decorationg plants

Drought tolerant and drought resistant plants include cacti, succulents, medium height bushes, perennials, etc. Organize the plants in groups in accordance with the need of watering. Palm trees will add height and visual appeal to your dry landscape design so it is worth considering different palm tree species which will adapt to the climate of your region. Add plants in containers – adeniums– agave, cacti, aloe, etc. You can place them in proximity to the main house or around the covered patio area as decoration.

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Arrange rocks in original way as they are natural s and work beautifully in desert landscaping. Dry branches with unusual shapes can be arranged between the rocks and the plants in eye catching compositions. Using a lot of rocks and stones in the garden is a temptation that you need to resist. Despite the fact that rocks do not require any maintenance they may become very hot and an unsuitable surrounding for your plants.

desert landscaping ideas front yard landscape cacti garden rocks

Experts advise that it is better to plant small local tree species than trying to replant a tree from a planter box. Trees like willow, sycamore, aspen, ash are not suitable for desert landscaping as they require rich soil and regular watering.

desert landscaping ideas front yard landscape garden decor

Adding color to your desert landscape will add personality to the look of your garden and can be done in several ways. The most obvious is to choose plants in different colors. You may be surprised but even cacti come in a variety of colors. Most of the plants have silver blue foliage, but you can find various shades of green. You can mix the colors of the plants in original ways to enhance their visual appeal. Succulents also come in a wide variety of species and colors. You can add color accents to a desert landscape by painting the garden fence, for example. Choose light and bright decorative pillows for your outdoor furniture as color pops in the garden.

desert landscaping ideas garden pool retaining walls

desert landscaping ideas garden design garden rocks

desert landscaping ideas front yard landscape drought tolerant garden

desert landscaping ideas front yard rocks cacti

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design palm trees

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design front yard

desert landscaping ideas drought tolerant garden design

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