How to disinfect an iPhone? Check out the easiest way to clean your phone and AirPods!

by Gabby

We were often reminded, especially during COVID, that it is good to use disinfectants and fight germs. There were an awful lot of commercials on TV with all sorts of detergents and announces that made us wash our hands frequently and disinfect ourselves afterward. But now that it’s winter and there are lots of viruses, are you as careful with hygiene? The phone is the object we use the most nowadays, often with dirty hands and then sticking it to our face to talk to someone. That’s why today I will show you how to disinfect your iPhone! Let’s see the easy and free ways to clean!

How to disinfect an iPhone? Let’s find out why is it important!

how to disinfect an iphone tips and tricks cleaning methods that are safe for your phone

Usually, germs on your phone aren’t as dangerous as you might think. You’re the person who touches it most often. So why should we clean it? Because sometimes in the rush, we haven’t washed our hands and we grab the phone we need urgently, and the germs stick to it and then to our face. Even if we wash our hands, by touching the phone again our clean hands get contaminated with its germs. Don’t panic, because what I have already said these germs are not so dangerous. However, it is good to keep one thing in mind and disinfect your iPhone from time to time. Let’s find out what are the easiest and quickest ways to do so!

How to disinfect an iPhone? Use cleaning wipes with alcohol!

According to Apple, the best way to clean your iPhone is with a wet wipe. Check if it’s in the charger and pull it out carefully. Then gently clean it with the wipe. Apple says it’s okay to wipe the screen with wipes, but you shouldn’t use a paper towel. It can leave lint which is then difficult to remove. Under no circumstances wet your phone in water to wash it and be careful not to get water in the holes. Here are the essentials tips to follow on what NOT to do:

  •  Do not put your phone underwater, even if it is water-resistant;
  •  Be careful not to apply strong solutions that may damage the screen of the device;
  • Avoid using household cleaning products: detergents, solvents, alcohol- or ammonia-based lotions, window cleaners, etc.

Clean your phone case as well!

how to disinfect your iphone cleaning advices protect yourself fromt the germs


It is really essential to clean your phone case as well, since it could carry a lot of germs as well. How to clean it thoroughly and make sure that there are no microbes? Let’s find out!

  • First remove your iPhone from the case. Take a wet wipe and clean the iPhone to disinfect it.
  • Take the case of the phone and put it in a bowl with soapy water. Use mild detergent and put just a tiny bit. Using a cloth remove any dirt and clean it from the germs. Then using a clean dry cloth, dry it and get rid of the excess water that might be in the corners of the case.
  • Leave it to dry afterward, just in case there might be still water.

How to clean the iPhone speakers?

Studies warn of the bad habits of smartphone users of touching their devices around 2,600 times a day. The problem here is not so much the addiction to phones, but the fact that right after these gestures, people touch their face, usually unconsciously. This explains why some doctors recommend cleaning smartphones and tablets several times a day, as well as the accessories associated with them (smartwatches, headphones, etc.).  Sometimes there is a lot of dirt that goes into the speakers of your iPhone and that is why the sound may be different from before. How to clean it? You will need a q-tip. With this hack, I guarantee your iPhone speakers will be as brand new.

How to clean AirPods?

how to clean airpods easy wasy tips and tricks to disinfect them and kill the germs ear wax remove

This is an issue that many users of Apple earphones regularly face: how to clean AirPods? Even if the latter are practical, compact and discreet, we must admit that they are more sensitive to dirt. Whether due to earwax or dust, their grilles can easily become clogged. The result is a reduction in sound quality, and in the long run, this leads to general degradation or even loss of the accessory. In addition, it is also a question of hygiene. This is why it is very important to keep your headphones in good condition. Let’s see the easiest and the most effect way of cleaning them now!

Cleaning your AirPods and disinfecting them

This video will give you the perfect method of cleaning your AirPods with minimal effort. Keep in mind that you will need a few things but it is nothing special and most probably you already have these things at home. Once you clean them you will be surprised that the sound may sound better and just like in the beginning when you bought them. You can also find tips on how to clean your laptop and make sure there are no germs.


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