DIY Cake stand ideas – serve desserts and fruits with style

by Kremy

easy crafts how to make a dessert stand from dishes

Find below some amazing DIY Cake stand ideas which will be quite useful if you are planning a party or a family gathering and you want to surprise and please friends with b beautifully designed table.

how to make a dessert stand 5 simple steps


An appetizing, beautiful cake is the best decoration of the festive table, especially if you made it by yourself. It deserves to be the star of the table and showcased placed on a small pedestal, right? If you are ready to experiment and have a couple of free hours and a glue gun, we will show you how to make a fantastic cake stand.


DIY Cake stand – step by step instructions

DIY cake stand decorated with pasta

To make an original dessert stand you will need different tableware – cups, glasses, bowls, saucers and plates! Look in the cupboard. You will surely find plates and cups in different shapes and colors that you very rarely or never use. Maybe you love flea markets or garage sales and have a collection of vintage teacups and saucers or dessert plates. Why not make them the centerpiece of any festive table? A DIY cake stand can be used to display seasonal fruits, cupcakes, candy, homemade pastry, etc. You can experiment with different shapes – round, square, and height of the platters. This will add visual interest to your table.

diy cake stand tutorial and design ideas

DIY Cake stand from plates and bowls:

Hot glue gun

A bowl (or a mug)

A plate


Choose the dishes by color. Arrange them and see how it will look. Use unexpected options with unusual shapes. Make sure the bowls are wide enough to support the stand and the food. You can choose matching colors or mix and match, depending on your idea.

Apply a thin layer of hot glue on the bottom rim of the bowl (or mug). Be careful not to burn your fingers.

DIY cake stand from plate and bowl step by step tutorial

Place the plate over the bowl. Make sure it is centered. Hold the two parts of the stand together until the glue sets. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the desert stand for their intended purpose. Usually it takes about half an hour.

Use your handmade dessert stand to serve cake, fruits or other sweet and savory treats.

Do not wash in dishwasher. Simply hand wash the stand with warm water.


DIY Wooden candlestick cake stand

DIY cake stand from wooden candlestick base and plaque

Another great and quick idea for a DIY cake stand is to use materials from a craft store. Wooden candlestick stands, wooden plaques, a glue gun and some paint will allow you to show your creativity. You can use any paint color that works with your tableware or simply a color that makes you happy. A cake stand made of wood will look good on a festive table in the open air or for table setting in Scandinavian or rustic style. Do not forget that wood does not like frequent washing and should not be washed in a dishwasher.


2 wooden candlesticks

2 wooden plaques


Paint/spray paint/glitter or wood finish



Sand any rough edges of the wooden parts and wipe off with a damp cloth.

DIY Cake stand ideas quick and easy craft projects

Glue the top of the candlestick to the bottom of the plaque.

Allow the glue dry completely.

Use sealant or paint to decorate your cake stand.



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