Fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces – a fresh accent on the table

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fruits and flowers wedding centerpiece creative decor ideas

Fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces can be the bright accent in the wedding decor and will add freshness and originality to the festive table setting. Preparing for a wedding requires a lot of effort, time and patience. Attention should be paid not only to the choice of venue, wedding dress, shoes, suit, bouquet, but also to the wedding table. Planning the wedding decor is an important task. It creates the overall impression and atmosphere of the wedding. In addition, quite often the decoration is one of the most expensive items on the wedding budget. That is the reason why many couples are trying to find decoration ideas that will not only look amazing but will not break the bank.

Amazing table decor ideas with flowers and fruits


Traditionally wedding tables are decorated with flowers, candles, figurines, lanterns, fabric accessories, etc. However, there is a growing trend and more and more newlyweds opt for alternative types of decorations. Fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces is one of the most spectacular options for table decoration. Fruits can bring bright and rich colors to the design of the wedding, and often can be much cheaper than flower arrangements. Further to that, festive wedding decorations with fruits, vegetables or berries can be used at any time of the year and this decoration is always appropriate.

What is important to know about fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces?

tall wedding table centerpieces with lemons and flowers

Fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces vary from season to season, they come in a huge number of combinations and creative arrangements. Compositions can be made from almost any fruit. The choice of fruits and flowers that you want to use as wedding table decor will certainly depend on your personal wishes but you must not forget about the time of year. What kinds of fruits are suitable for wedding decoration? Are there any rules that you need to follow? Here are some useful tips and simple rules.

Summer and autumn are the peak seasons with the greatest choice of both fruits and flowers. Obviously, winter season offers a limited choice – cranberries, tangerines, oranges, but it is not impossible to create magnificent centerpieces by combining the bright red of berries with evergreens.

bridal bouquet with flowers and fruits

On the first place, you need to keep in mind the selected color scheme of the wedding and choose fruits and flowers that blend harmoniously with the overall style and design concept. You can focus on the shades of the same palette in which the other elements of the decoration were selected or experiment a little and combine, for example, orange and fuchsia. Then your flower and fruit wedding table centerpieces will be unforgettable! For example, when the wedding decor is in brown and green tones – juicy apples will be ideal. If your wedding color is orange – oranges or tangerines will make the banquet table much brighter. Purple and lilac color scheme will be complemented by grapes that add sophistication.

gorgeous fruits and flower design ideas and table centerpieces

Another consideration is the theme of the wedding. For example, for Hawaiian themed weddings you can use tropical fruits like pineapples, passion fruit, bananas, for Mediterranean themed ceremonies – tangerines and oranges, for rustic weddings – apples and pears, for a Mexican wedding, limes. Of course you can choose a certain fruit, for example strawberry, pomegranate, apple, and plan the whole decor concept around it.

When choosing fruits and flowers for your wedding table centerpieces you need to consider the features of fruits. For example, bananas look good in their peels, but when cut into pieces they quickly lose their presentable appearance. You should not forget that the decoration will remain on the table for several hours, so it should not lose its beautiful look. Avoid strong smelling flowers in the composition of the centerpiece because the smell mixes with food.

Use candles only taking into account fire safety.

The height of the centerpiece is also important. It should not block the communication between guests sitting opposite each other.

Last, but not least, fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces on tables should be in harmony with the overall stylistic concept of the event.

Fruits and flowers wedding centerpiece arrangement ideas

DIY table centerpiece with flowers and fruits festive decorations

Fruits and flowers wedding centerpieces can be composed from different flower species, fruits, vegetables as well as additional decorations like ribbons, beads, pearls, lace, etc. Christmas balls and garlands can be used, for example, for a winter wedding decor.

Depending on the table layout – long table or round/rectangular tables, you need to plan the type of and number of centerpieces that you will need. For example, for a long table may arrange a table runner centerpiece.

wedding reception table decor ideas fruits and flowers centerpieces

As we mentioned, the height of centerpieces is important because guests should be able to see and talk with each other across the table. It is best if you keep the height of the table décor under 14 inches (35 cm) or over 20 inches (50 com) high.

As far as containers are concerned – there is no limit or strict rules, as long as they blend with the overall color scheme or theme. Glass vases, jars, flower stands, wooden boxes, ceramic or metal bowls – all of these can be used for your fruits and flowers wedding table centerpieces.

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Proper lighting will add the final touch to the wedding decorations. It will emphasize the beauty and elegance of your centerpieces. Flickering lights of candles add more magic and romance to the overall decor, you can use special lamps to illuminate the amazing vases filled with flowers and fruits, so do not neglect that detail.




table decoration ideas wedding centerpieces with flowers and fruits

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Fruits and flowers wedding centerpiece DIY ideas

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Fruit and flower wedding centerpieces a fresh accent on the table

flowers and fruits centerpieces table decor ideas

DIY table decoration with flowers and fruits

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beautiful table centerpiece with flowers and fruits



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