DIY Wooden pallets furniture – desk, wall shelf and a garden bench

by Kremy

wooden pallets furniture ideas desk shelf

Some wooden pallets furniture ideas can be expensive, but others do not need as much time and money and the fact that most of the materials used (pallet boards) can be obtained for free, make the result more attractive and impressive. However, we can not devote days on a construction project with wooden pallets. Do not worry! We have some interesting architectural ideas with pallets that can be completed in an afternoon. With a few pallets and old table legs, this desk was created completely free in less than 3 hours. This certainly appears to be a simple project. What a fabulous way to recycle a wooden pallet and in the end to possess a functional desk. Not bad for an afternoon of work!

wooden pallets furniture ideas shelf childrens books


To craft a wooden pallets furniture piece (when the pallet is in a good condition) take a pallet and make a few cuts through the slats, and you’re almost done. Although the grinding and priming are completed quickly, the color will probably not dry in an afternoon. But that does not count, right? So, technically, you could still easily build these bookshelves in an afternoon.

wooden pallets furniture ideas shelf pallets cut

 furniture ideas pallet primer paint

wooden pallets racks paint red

wooden pallets furniture wall hooks

wooden pallets shelf children books red

 pallets furniture wooden slats garden bench

This construction manual is not specifically for wooden pallet furniture crafts, but once you remove some of the panels of a wooden pallet, the project is the same. Quite a quick project, and with a bit of color and a few layers of sealant, you are in business with a new fabulous garden bench!

 ideas DIY garden bench

pallets shelf DIY kitchen shelf



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