Door stoppers – funny and creative ideas for your home

by Kremy

door stoppers ideas creative designs home acccessory

Door stoppers are a door accessory that prevents the appearance of damage to the wall or door if closed or opened sharply. They protect the walls from bumps and scratches and at the same time protect the door itself. In addition a door stopper will not allow slamming of the door on the wall and you will never be startled or annoyed from the noise of a suddenly opened or closed door.

creative door stoppers champagne cork doorstop


Few people think about buying a stopper for the door, but sometimes, when this becomes necessary, you may wonder what kind of stopper to choose. Usually door stoppers are made of metal – nickel, aluminum, plated in gold, bronze or copper for an antique look. In terms of design the market offers everything from standard ones, elegant door stopper designs or, if you want to add a personal touch to your home accessories – creative and unusual door stoppers which have quite original designs. They can be a lot of fun and show the sense of humor of the homeowner. Stylish, unusual and cute stoppers help not only to fix the position of the door, but add a cheerful mood too.

modern original door stopper ideas black cast shoe

The most common door stopper has a rectangular or round shape. However, there are models with more unusual shapes which not only prevent door banging against the wall, but also become a cute home accessory. We have collected some examples of modern, decorative door stopper designs which are not only functional but cute looking. It is up to your personal taste and sense of humor to decide which one is best for you. Keep in mind that any of these will be a lovely housewarming gift as well and the options are so many – colorful autumn leaves, different animals, door keys, etc. Enjoy the gallery below and have fun!


original funny foot in the door doorstop idea

funny gifts ideas drunk duck doorstop

funny door stops witch legs

creative home accessories foot in the door doorstop

cool door stoppers ideas sack of money

decorative stoppers home accessories ice cream

funny unusual golf door stop

cute funny stoppers ideas mouse

original designs bear

modern creative doorstop ideas animals dinosaur sheep

funny housewarming gift ideas pop the weasel door stop

modern door stop designs turtle

funny dog

funny decorative mouse fun cool door stopper ideas chocolate door stopper

Door stopper toothpaste fun gift ideas housewarming gifts

door stopper ideas modern home accessories dog

Cute funny cartoon animal kids room accessory

creative cool door stopper doorman

cool home accessories door stops doorman

cool funny doorstoppers ideas soldier

colorful fun door stopper door key red black yellow



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